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Sideline Spotlight: RT Greg Randall

Randall was part of the sixth trade in Texans history when Houston exchanged a 2003 fifth-round pick with New England for the four-year tackle. He earned a Super Bowl ring in 2001 while serving as a key constituent of New England's offense after starting in all 19 games that season. Randall was originally drafted in the fourth round (127th overall) of the 2000 NFL Draft after playing two seasons at Michigan State. Prior to his time with the Spartans, Randall spent two years at Coffeyville (KS) Community College where he went directly from attending LaMarque High School in Texas.

As a former Michigan State Spartan, what was the rivalry like against Michigan and what was your most memorable moment against them?

"It was a great rivalry. We had pretty good games. My most memorable moment was when they knocked Tom Brady out of the game my senior year and we ended up winning." You went on to block for Tom Brady in New England, did you remind him of that game? "

We talked about it. He was at Michigan four years and I think they won three out of the four. I was only there two years and we were 1-1." How satisfying is it when a running back breaks free on a long run?
"It's very exciting. You know you helped a guy and he's getting more yards so it's better for the whole team all-around."

In high school, what role did you play on the football, basketball and track teams?

"I played offensive tackle at LaMarque (TX) High School and we won a state championship there so it was pretty exciting. I was a forward and center in basketball. I threw the shot put and discus in track and I wasn't really too good."

If you weren't in the NFL, what would you be doing? "I'd probably be a high school football coach." What is your favorite historical moment in NFL history?

"My favorite players as a kid were Walter Payton and Lawrence Taylor. They pretty much dominated every game and always played hard."

What is something that most people don't know about you? "I'm a very quiet guy." How would you describe your on-field demeanor?

"I just go out there and play and try to play along with the rest of the team."

Who is the most frequently dialed person in your cell phone call log?

"My wife."

Favorite all-time album?

"Get Rich or Die Tryin'-50 Cent."

What disc is in your CD player right now?


What is your favorite book?

"The biography of Michael Jordan's life."

Do you have a favorite quote or saying?

"If it doesn't kill you it only makes you stronger."

What inspires you?

"My family, keeping my wife and kids happy."

Do you have a daily ritual?

"No. I pretty much just live by the moment."

What is a day off like for you?

"Usually I just relax, watch a movie, play with my kids, go watch my boy go to soccer practice."

What's your favorite city?


Who is the toughest defensive lineman you've ever faced?

"Probably Michael Strahan."

Which quarterback has been the best in taking the offensive line to dinner: Drew Bledsoe, Tom Brady or David Carr? "

I'd have to say Carr."

When and where do you wear your Super Bowl ring?

"When I first got it, I wore it a lot. Now it's been over a year so I don't really wear it too much, it's just something special."

Did you take any off-season vacations?

"We went to South Carolina to visit Richard Seymour (DE, New England) and his fiancé."

How did you get from Texas to Kansas and then to Michigan?

"I wanted to get away from home so that's why I went to Coffeyville, KS. Once I got there, it was a good experience and then I ended up at Michigan State."

What's the hardest thing about playing on the offensive line?

"The hardest thing is just knowing what all of the other guys are going to do because you all have to be on the same page for it to work. You have to trust and believe that everyone will do their job."

What is it like playing high school football in the state of Texas and who was your rival?

"It was very exciting. It was different from a lot of other high schools. There's always a big crowd. Our biggest rivalries were Galveston Ball High School or Texas City. We never lost to either one of them. I only lost two games in high school, one my sophomore year and one my junior year."

Favorite hometown restaurant in LaMarque?

"Probably my grandma's house."

What kind of car do you drive?

"Lincoln Navigator."

How similar is the offensive scheme here in Houston compared to what you were running in New England?

"Pretty much the same offense, same system. There are different schemes and different names for plays but everything is pretty much the same."

Who is the crazier center, Mike Compton (New England) or Steve McKinney?

"I would have to say Mike Compton."

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