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Staff announcement, Draft trades & more | Fans Wanna Knows


Got a question about the Texans? Life in general? Drew Dougherty's your guy. He's been with the Texans since 2009 and is chock full of meaningful, as well as generally useless, information. Fire away by clicking HERE.

Marvin Roberson: Dear Drew, When can we expect to see a new offensive coordinator hired?
DD: Soon. Possibly today, even. The bulk of Head Coach DeMeco Ryans' staff is hired, but the announcement just hasn't gone out yet because the club is crossing t's and dotting i's and putting the finishing touches on things. But expect an announcement of the 2023 staff in the coming days.

Jeff Hampton: Dear Drew, I believe Nick Caserio will trade up at some point in the draft. What round might he trade up into?
DD: Based off what we've seen in his first two drafts as general manager, I think ANY round is a possibility for trading up/down with Caserio. Last year he moved back a bit in the first round with the Cleveland selection, moved up into the second round and moved up into the third round. The year before, he executed multiple trades over the three-day span of the Draft. Caserio's not shy about swapping picks during the Draft, and he has quite a bit of ammo this year. The Texans have 11 picks, including a pair of first-rounders.

Nathan Pastrano: Dear Drew, Is there one player in the draft that the Texans are committed to drafting?
DD: If there is, Caserio and company would never tip their hand and say so before the Draft. But after a 13-loss season in 2022, getting help at just about every position on the field is a priority.

Ignacio Ramirez, Jr: Dear Drew, Will we regain the AFC South title and have a good defense this year?
DD: Cool with me, but I'm not ready to guarantee anything. I believe with the maturation of some young playmakers, the addition of a bunch of rookies through the draft, and some key free agent signings, we're going to see a better team on the field this fall. Head Coach DeMeco Ryans and the coaches will run a new offense and defense, and I'm looking forward to the years to come with this squad. The future is very bright.

Jeffrey Loucks: Dear Drew, Do you feel we need a wide receiver or a defensive lineman with the 12th pick?
DD: If it comes down to it, and the highest-rated players at that spot are a receiver and a d-lineman, I say take the one you have rated as a better overall prospect. It certainly depends on what the Texans do with their second overall pick, but a high-end performer at either of those two positions is very attractive. The offense needs to score a lot more than it did last season, and the defense has to do a much better job stopping the run than it did in 2022. Playmakers at those positions would go a long way toward making those gains that are needed.

David Hyde: Dear Drew, QUIT COACHING THE BENGALS!!! You are supposed to be working for the website. Sorry, your twin brother (Zac Taylor) is coaching the Bengals. I forgot. What do you think about all the assistants being hired? I'm hoping we have a potent offense that makes the opponents' defense look silly. No worries about our defense.
DD: Haha, if you ever see me in person, remind me to tell you my Zac Taylor Nebraska story. As far as the coaches go, I like the staff Ryans has assembled. I think we're going to see some fun stuff on the field here with the guys he's hired.

David Pereya: Dear Drew, Any more scoop or news on the new uniforms?
DD: Nothing major, but changes are certainly coming. Perhaps as soon as the 2024 season. Think about it: since franchise began, the uniforms have essentially been the same color and design in that span. In that same time, both the Astros and Rockets have seen major uniform changes. I think we're going to like the tweaks.

Michael Zent: Dear Drew, How come the Texans don't wear the red pants anymore for Battle Red Day?
DD: Probably because the players and other key decision-makers think the red pants don't look good. That combo's not been worn since a Monday Night Football loss to the Ravens in 2010. Aside from a December game in 2016 against the Jaguars, Houston's worn Battle Red jerseys with Liberty White pants. That might change, though, if the uniforms get changed for the 2024 season.

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