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Starters, roster deadline, Lonnie Johnson Jr. & more | Dear Drew

Got a question about the Texans? Life in general? Drew Dougherty's your guy. He's been with the Texans since 2009 and is chock full of meaningful, as well as generally useless, information. Fire away by clicking HERE!

Javari in Miami: Dear Drew, How is Lonnie Johnson Jr. doing after the game?
DD: He seems to be fine. Johnson was at practice on Monday afternoon and was in good spirits after the day of work. Before the half on Saturday in Arlington, he was slow getting up after colliding with safety Jonathan Owens. In the second half though, his interception return for a score tied the game, and the Texans went on to beat the Cowboys, 20-14.

German Texan: Dear Drew, Will our starters play against the Buccaneers? Will their starters play?
DD: According to Head Coach David Culley, the Texans starters will play into the third quarter. That might change between now and Saturday night, but Culley said he wants to see how his frontline players are able to make adjustments after the half. As far as Tampa Bay goes, Head Coach, Bruce Arians, said on Saturday night after their contest with the Titans, that his starters will play in the first half at Houston. He doesn't want the Bucs to go so long without having any game speed reps under the belt before the Week 1 matchup with the Cowboys.

Rose from Fort Worth: Dear Drew, Do you have an update on Deshaun Watson?
DD: Watson was on a side field at the Houston Methodist Training Center for Monday's practice. He was throwing balls into a net, and working with members of the team's strength and conditioning staff.

Sedric: Dear Drew, Do you think we can be a top five defense?
DD: I suppose anything is possible, but ultimately I think defensive coordinator, Lovie Smith, would rather his unit take the ball away more. Houston had just nine takeaways last year during the regular season. Smith and his assistants have emphasized the need to get the ball back and they want to see at least 20 strip attempts by the Texans per game. They also have a goal of getting three takeaways per game. With seven takeaways in the first two preseason games, Smith and the Texans have met that latter standard.

GT: Dear Drew, When will the roster be final?
DD: It's never truly final, as moves happen throughout the season. But the current 80-man roster will get trimmed to 53 next Tuesday afternoon.

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