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Starters will play the half vs. NO

Matt Schaub and the Texans starters will all play a substantial amount of football on Sunday at Reliant Stadium.  Despite the backup quarterback race between T.J. Yates and Case Keenum, head coach Gary Kubiak still wants to see the starting QB play against New Orleans.

"No, he's going to play," Kubiak said of Schaub's status. "We'll play our starters a good half of football or a number of snaps, whichever comes first. He's had an excellent camp and I think he's benefited from the other two pushing each other and the way they've played."

Texans fans will witness the closest approximation to a regular season game on Sunday. In typical preseason fashion, starters will see the most snaps in the third game in preparation for the regular season. Week 4 at Dallas will be minimal, if any, snaps for key players.

"Yeah, we need to all pick it up," Kubiak said of the upcoming game. "We need to play our most snaps this week."

The Texans will host the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, August 25 at 3 p.m. at Reliant Stadium.

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