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Tank Dell's return, C.J. Stroud's next...and Battle Red Helmets | Fans Wanna Know


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Bud Wellmaker: Dear Drew, When's Tank Dell coming back? Do you think the offense was limited without him in the second half?

DD: Great questions, Bud. As far as Dell's return, it's a wait-and-see situation. He left Sunday's game at the end of the first half with a concussion, and he's now in the concussion protocol. Some players, like safety Eric Murray earlier this season, go into the protocol and are able to play the very next week. Others take weeks to return. Not all concussions are the same.

As far as the offense being limited, head coach DeMeco Ryans said the Texans definitely missed having Dell's abilities as an explosive playmaker, and "it definitely hurts not having him out there." That's not at all a knock on the other receivers, but as Dell is not like Nico Collins or Robert Woods or John Metchie, III, so too are they unlike him. He has distinct talents and Houston's offense is better when it's at full strength with all it's playmakers available.

Lawrence Henry: Dear Drew, C.J. Stroud has already broken a couple rookie records. At this pace, could we have an Offensive Player of the Year along with a Rookie of the Year? Also, will Texans Tuesday come back to Fuddruckers any time soon?

DD: Stroud's definitely playing well. For the Offensive Player of the Year to happen, he'd need to keep lighting it up ,and the Texans would probably need to get a double digit win total when the season ends. Even then, it might be asking a lot to expect him to win that award. As far as the Offensive Rookie of the Year honors, that's a more realistic possibility. He continues to throw passes without getting picked off, he led a late-game scoring drive on Sunday that gave his team a lead, and he's engineered the offense to a pair of blowout wins. But that last word is the most important part: wins. Stroud and the Texans probably need to stack victories for him to have any chance at picking up hardware when the season concludes.

On the Fuddruckers front, no. Texans Radio currently has no plans to do remote shows from there, or anyplace else any time soon.

Terrence Scarborough: Dear Drew, I really like those red helmets and it was cool seeing them against the Steelers. When will we see them again?

DD: Me too, Terrence. We'll for sure see them on Battle Red Sunday against the Jaguars in late November. But Houston will wear them in one other game this season, after breaking them out for the first time in 2023 in Week 4's win over the Steelers. Aside from the Jags contest, Houston also has the Saints, Buccaneers, Broncos, Cardinals, Browns and Titans on the home schedule.

Sandra James: Dear Drew, Why don't we have a chant the fans can yell like other teams?

DD: Stay tuned, Sandra. That actually might change very, very soon. Pay attention this weekend during the game with the Saints.

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