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Texans Cheerleaders have annual photo shoot


The Houston Texans Cheerleaders' first photo shoot of the new season took place on Wednesday and Thursday at the Ladd Photography studio in Houston. The headshots and body shots taken over the two-day period will be used throughout the year for media shots, promotional shots and autograph signing cards.

Squad members arrived on set ready to work the camera and embrace their role as Texans representatives. After getting their makeup done and hair styled, each cheerleader had her time to shine while posing in the official Houston Texans Cheerleader uniform and in a swimsuit.

"It's a little nerve-wracking at first," rookie squad member Caitlyn said of being in the limelight. "This is my first time with so many cameras on me but I got used to it. It wasn't so bad because it's not like they're right in your face, but it's cool to have all this around you because you feel like a celebrity."

Alto Gary, who is in her twelfth season as head coach, uses the kickoff photo shoot as an indicator of which girls will be best suitable for the HTC calendar.

"We do take advantage of the situation so we can kind of see who's relaxed in front of the camera, who shoots well and then this year we've implemented a swimsuit shot," Gary said. "I'm trying to incorporate everyone in the calendar this year, so we'll figure out something."  

Caitlyn is hopeful that her photo shoot put her in the running to be a 2013 calendar girl.

"I've tried my best to have what it takes and it'd be great to make it, but there are so many awesome girls on the team that we all have an equal shot," she said. "But it'd be great to make it."

Whichever route the calendar ends up going, Gary has no doubt that this year's team will be a great representation of the Texans organization.

"I'm very excited about this squad," she said. "They're very nice, beautiful young ladies. Each year you don't know what you're gonna get, so I'm still trying to figure out the personality of the team."

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