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Texans continue to struggle in second half

The second half continues to plague the Texans who have been outscored 130-32 after halftime of their eight losses.

"We've got team problems in the third quarter, big time," head coach Gary Kubiak said Monday. "Yesterday, in the third quarter, we don't move the ball a lick and defensively, give up some big plays in the pass game and the run game. I think it's a team thing right now, coming out of the locker room in the third quarter and playing better football. We've had some leads. Two weeks ago, they had a lead and it happened against Seattle. Some of those things, I think it's a team issue. I don't think it's a personal issue with one guy."

In the third quarter of their 28-23 loss to Oakland, the Texans defense gave up two touchdowns, including an 82-yard run by Rashad Jennings. Houston's offense remained scoreless and struggled, with Ben Tate rushing for just two yards on three carries. Case Keenum was 2-of-6 for 16 yards before being replaced by Matt Schaub who completed two passes for 28 yards.

In the fourth quarter, things improved for Houston's defense which shut down Oakland's passing game. Matt McGloin was 0-of-5 in passing attempts while the Raiders rushed for 13 net yards. Offensively, the Texans had eight first downs but settled for a pair of field goals after being 0-for-4 on third down conversions. Schaub completed 10-of-21 passes for 128 yards. Tate made 3 receptions for 20 yards while adding 35 yards rushing on 7 carries.

Kubiak announced on Monday that Keenum would start Sunday's game against Jacksonville, despite being replaced by Schaub in the third quarter against Oakland.

"Well, the thing about the third quarter, there never was any pattern of getting going," Kubiak said. "We're three-and-out the first three times if I'm right. You run nine plays, so as a quarterback, you don't get into any rhythm in what you're doing. Now, a couple of those plays are his (Keenum's). I know the second series, he's got a couple of plays to make that, I think if he goes and runs the same play tomorrow, he's going to make that play. But he's a growing young player and has to go through some of things for them to become second-nature to him."

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