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Texans dedicate 2017 season to Houstonians

Usually Houston is watching the Texans, but during these days of catastrophic flooding and evacuations, it's the other way around.

The Texans have been watching Houston.

"We've been focused on everything going on back home," head coach Bill O'Brien said Monday. "We've been truly inspired by the resilience we have seen as people continue to deal with what's going on. I've seen numerous heroic acts, everything we've seen on the TV from the first responders to just neighbors helping neighbors. It's incredible to all of us and that's what it's all about. Houston is a strong community."

O'Brien began his Monday post-practice press conference with a message to the city of Houston and Southeast Texas from Frisco, Texas. The Texans relocated to Dallas and practiced at The Star, the Dallas Cowboys facility in Frisco, when they could not return to Houston following Saturday's preseason game at New Orleans.

The team, inspired by Houston, hope they can create a diversion for the city as it rebuilds in the months to come.

"Football is obviously important, but I think the most important thing is doing everything we can for our city, I can tell you right now, we're going to dedicate this season to the city of Houston, the people of Houston," O'Brien said. "There are no guarantees in football. That's not what I'm here to say but I will guarantee that this team will go out every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday and whenever they ask us to play and we'll play our asses off for the city of Houston. I promise you that."

The Texans will practice Monday and Tuesday at The Star. No decisions have been made on the duration of the team's stay in Dallas or on details regarding Thursday's preseason game against the Cowboys.

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