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Texans Live: André Davis


André Davis celebrates his 41-yard catch against the Indianapolis Colts with running back Samkon Gado.

Each week throughout the 2007 season, we will conduct interviews with players and stream them live on Texans TV. This week, we feature wide receiver André Davis, who stepped in for injured wideout Andre Johnson in Week 3 versus Indianapolis and caught four passes for 70 yards.

The best part about this series of live interviews is that fans can submit their own questions for the player by clicking **here**. Please include your name and where you're from.

Click on the window to the right to view the archived version of the André Davis interview. Below is a transcript of the interview.

1) Doug Lacy (Clear Lake, TX): Having briefly played with Tom Brady in 2005 with the Patriots, what similarities do you see between Matt Schaub and Tom Brady at the quarterback position?

André Davis: I think the most important quality I've seen is his leadership ability, and with the way Matt's been playing so far I think he's definitely encouraged all the other players on the team. And the team chemistry is continuing to build each week to make sure we can go out there and be as successful as possible.

Brooke Bentley (Texans TV): What have you seen from Matt this week, building up to going back to Atlanta where, of course, he played last year?

André Davis: Matt's just such a professional, and just from week one until now he's been the same way. He's not treating this week any differently than he has the other weeks prior. He's just making sure he's prepared himself and he's prepared all the other guys on the team to make sure we go out there and execute everything we're supposed to do.

2) Robert Esparza (Harlingen, TX): You had a great game against the Colts this past Sunday. Do you believe the rest of the league is taking notice despite of the loss?

André Davis: I hope so. We're still worried about the loss. There's no such thing as a moral victory. We felt there were some mistakes we had in the game that probably caused us to lose, but at the same time we're looking forward to this game against Atlanta. And whether the rest of the NFL recognized us or not, we know that with the team that we have that we're going to be a team to be reckoned with.

3) Karl: What are the keys to a successful passing game, especially against Atlanta?

André Davis: I think definitely the team chemistry is one. There is so much stuff that has to go right on each individual play. The o-line has to hold up; the wide receivers have to get open on time; the quarterback has to get the ball there; and, as receivers, we have to catch the ball. So I think as long as everybody goes out there and does their own individual job well, it makes the team look good.

Brooke Bentley (Texans TV): Well, Atlanta has a guy by the name of DeAngelo Hall. What are you planning to do about him?

André Davis: DeAngelo is a good friend of mine. I haven't talked to him lately. We both went to the same school at Virginia Tech. But DeAngelo has been playing great. He's a great player. I look forward to going up against him. It's going to be great competition. We just have to go out there and make sure we play better than he does.

4) Karl: Do you think you can pull a Steve Smith and get DeAngelo to go on a tirade?

André Davis: I don't know if I can get into DeAngelo's head like that. I'll probably be joking around with him, but at the same time we know that, 'Hey, we're all getting paid for this, and it's all about winning.' We have to make sure we go out there, and that my job's going to be to beat DeAngelo. I have to make sure I go out there and beat him, so I'm looking forward to that.

5) Tom Harwood (Los Angeles, CA): I want to know about the 99-yad TD catch and how it feels to be in the NFL record books? And no one can ever beat that right?

André Davis: Of course, nobody can beat me because it's the longest touchdown that you can get as a reception. It can only be tied So I thank God for one thing – that I'm going to be in the record books forever. and I'll be able to show my kids one day that I truly did play NFL football.

6) Mike Mosey (Houston, TX): How did you keep your focus in the 41-yard catch against the Colts?

André Davis: It was just one of those things were Matt gave me a chance to go up and get the ball. The offensive line did a great job of giving Matt time, and just in practice each and every week we continue to go out there and we continue to work hard. And this is just what I expect of myself and what the rest of the team expects of me, to go out there and make plays. And whenever you get an opportunity to do that, we have to make sure that we go out there and execute, and that was what I was able to do on the one play.

Brooke Bentley (Texans TV): That was difference-making play; it set up Gado's touchdown. What did coach Kubiak say to you after that play?

André Davis: He didn't say too much. We don't want to concentrate on individual plays. You know, at the end of the game I think we were all upset about the loss. So, once again, I just look at it as my job, and that's what I'm supposed to do when I'm out there, and hopefully we'll be able to have a couple more of those big plays come this weekend.

Brooke Bentley (Texans TV): Is that play giving you confidence going the game on Sunday?

André Davis: I think I've always had a pretty good, healthy confidence, confidence in myself, just because of the way I've played and the way I've practiced. And I think as long as I continue to do that and continue to make plays in practice, that will just prepare me for the game.

7) Anonymous fan: How does the finger feel?

André Davis: The finger feels great. It's always a problem when you are a receiver to have stuff wrong with your fingers and your feet, but at the same time we're football players. This is the type of stuff you have to deal with. So I'm going to continue to get my rehab on it and make sure I'm stretching it and gripping a lot of stuff to get the strength back, and I'll be all right.

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