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Houston Texans

Texans make Super Bowl picks


Texans players are split as to who will take home the Lombardi Trophy after the Steelers and Cardinals meet in Super Bowl XLIII.

Super Bowl XLIII, which kicks off on Sunday at 5 p.m. CT, pits the five-time champion Pittsburgh Steelers against the upstart Arizona Cardinals, who are playing in their first Super Bowl.

We caught up with several Texans to find out what they think about the game and which team they they're picking to win.

Head coach Gary Kubiak*On his Super Bowl prediction…
*"I don't make predictions. I hope it's a good game. I'm going to sit there and enjoy it like everybody else."

Wide receiver David Anderson
*On his pick to win…
*"I'd be rather impressed if Arizona can get through (Pittsburgh's) defense, and if they do, they'll win. But I don't think they can, so I'm going to have to go with the Steelers, an AFC team, and just kind of ride that out. I might be wrong – you never know. Kurt Warner could pull some magic out like he has before, with two gloves on. I just don't understand why a quarterback wears two gloves, but that's the way he does it." (**Watch Anderson explain his pick on YouTube**)

Wide receiver Andre Johnson*On who he's cheering for …
*"I have a few Miami teammates (Edgerrin James and Antrel Rolle) on the Cardinals, so I would like those guys to win and get a Super Bowl ring."

*On who he thinks will win …
*"I think the Cardinals have a lot of confidence right now. My prediction is that they beat the Steelers, 20-17."

Guard Chester Pitts
*On how he thinks the Super Bowl will play out…
*"You know, it's weird. I'm picking both sides here. It's either going to be really electric in the beginning and taper off throughout the game or it's going to be really slow and build up toward the end. I just think it's going to come down to the way Arizona's offense matches up with Pittsburgh's defense. Could be the other way around — a solid battle back and forth between Pittsburgh's offense and Arizona's defense. I really want to see just where (the Cardinals) plan to attack Pittsburgh. If they have a better plan than Pittsburgh's defense, then they're going to do just fine. But if that Pittsburgh defense plays the way they've played all year, they may be in trouble."

On who he'd take if he had to pick a winner…
"I think Pittsburgh is going to win. I would like to see Arizona pull it out, but I think that Pittsburgh's going to win. They're just really good at finding a way to win. That's what you have to do in this business."

Linebacker DeMeco Ryans
*On who he thinks will win…
*"I'm going with the Cardinals. I think the Cardinals will pull it off. In a situation like this, a team that's never been before, I just look forward to them doing something that they've never done before. I think it's good for the league for a team like the Cardinals to be able to go to the Super Bowl with the playoff system and have a chance to win it all, so I'm pulling for them. I think their offense gives them the edge."

*On his prediction for the score…
*"I don't know about the score. I think it will be high — no, I don't know. It's going to be right there in the middle, probably, like 27-24."

Quarterback Matt Schaub
*On his pick to win…
*"I think Arizona because they'll sneak up on them and pull one out. I'm going to go Arizona, 24-21."

*On the Cardinals' season…
*"It's great that that organization has been able to get to where they are. You know, they've dealt with some rough years, and to be able to get to the Super Bowl, it's a credit to them and their staff and their players."

*On if he sees any parallels between the Texans and Cardinals franchises…
*"Yeah, definitely. It just shows you that if you prepare and you execute your plan every week that you always have a chance and that the parity in this league is so even. Anybody can beat anybody on any day; you just have to bring your 'A' game and be on top of your stuff."

Running back Steve Slaton
*On who he thinks will win…
*"I have to say Pittsburgh. They were the first team we played and they have a great defense. I saw that firsthand."

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