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Texans named Best Workplace in 2017

The Houston Texans prepare for win every Sunday, but this year won a pair of prestigious awards for their important work off the football field.

The Houston Chronicle recently recognized the Texans organization as one of Houston's Top Workplaces of 2017. Based on results from employee surveys, the Texans have been named one of Houston's best places to work for five consecutive years. Houston Texans President Jamey Rootes believes the key is to attract outstanding employees and then create a culture that values talent and inspires them.

"We want to retain people, and that's where things like the Best Places to Work comes in because people want to be at a place that respects them, that inspires them, that they feel like they're making a difference, that provides them with all the resources and tools they need to be able to do their job at the very highest level," Rootes said on Texans Radio. "If you're attracting great people, they have higher expectations.

The Texans have three imperatives: Win championships, create memorable experiences and do great things for Houston. With an emphasis on charitable efforts, the franchise was also recognized this year for its ongoing efforts in the community. The Houston Business Journal named the Texans as the No. 1 Most Philanthropic Business among midsized companies.

"The Houston Business Journal is an outstanding publication," Rootes said. "They do a great job covering business in Houston in an exceptional way. To be recognized by a group like that for the work that we are doing, really focused on our United Way efforts."

Recognized for their United Way efforts, the Houston Texans ranked No. 1 in the NFL and No. 1 per capita giver among all Houston companies while garnering 100 percent participation among employees who contribute. The Texans pride themselves on doing great things for Houston and giving back to the community in a number of ways, according to Rootes.

"I think that's what that award was all about, but there's so much more to what we are doing," Rootes said. "The idea of being the champions for youth in the Houston Texans YMCA, the Boys & Girls Clubs Teen Club, providing kids from predominantly single-parent households a leg up as they become young adults and go out in the world to be the next generational leaders here in Houston or the Houston Food Back. It's been proven if kids don't have proper nutrition, they have no shot of being successful in school. It's one part but it's really gratifying to be recognized for the outstanding contributions that our organization makes for our community."

Texans fans showed up in Nashville to support their team.

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