Texans react to 'Game of Thrones' finale

Written by Deepi Sidhu and Jesse Clark

SPOILER ALERT!!! Read no further if you aren't caught up on Game of Thrones. Seriously, you've been warned.

It's not even been 24 hours and the world is reeling from the events in Westeros. By world, I mean everyone who's been sucked into the past ten episodes of Game of Thrones. How can one season finale have so many cliffhangers, by the way?

If you don't watch it, feel free to roll your eyes at those of us obsessed with King's Landing, dragons, white walkers, big-budget battle scenes, and the rather unceremonious killing of beloved main characters.

The fifth season of Thrones, televised Sunday night, got some reaction from Texans players as well.

Wow game of thrones. Speechless — ben jones (@benjones60) June 15, 2015

Meanwhile, Jesse Clark (Texans social media extraordinaire) and myself, had our own discussion over lunch.

Jesse: Jon Snow is definitely coming back. Melisandre has to bring him back from the dead, if he's dead.

Deepi: Well he sure is coming out with several movies. Maybe he has all the free time because his shooting schedule is clear now.

Jesse: I know Kit Harington has been quoted as saying his character (Snow) is dead and he won't be on the set next season, but I think that's all lip service. That's what he's supposed to say. If it's a secret in the plot, he's certainly not going to give it away.

Deepi: Cersei's walk of shame. I'd bet my money on her next season. Don't cross her now.

Jesse: Plus, with 'The Mountain', aka Frankenstein, back by her side, watch out.

We discussed Theon and Sansa's jump from Winterfell, particularly how the distance was enough to kill Myranda. Then we tried to guess how much snow would be needed to land a distance like that without killing oneself or crushing a limb.

Deepi: Who were all those people circling Khaleesi?

Jesse: The Dothraki.

Deepi: Then why did she drop her ring?

Jesse: So someone would know to look for her if they take her. The important question is whether they will accept her (because of her relationship with Khal Drogo) or will punish her (because of her relationship with Khal Drogo).

Deepi: Yeah, no one's ever finding that little ring in all that grass. But seriously, how lazy was that dragon? I had no idea dragons could be so lazy.

Jesse: That is one tired, stubborn, adolescent dragon. Cleary he is in his rebellious stage and doesn't want to listen to his mother.

It continued with a discussion of all of the faces uncovered by Arya Stark, if someone could be poisoned by proxy. Also, the gore. It was a lively discussion, but if we can agree on one thing, it was that the season finale certainly didn't disappoint. Too bad we have to wait a year to find out what's next!

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