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Texans share bye week plans


Rosenfels' nicks and bruises will preclude him from participating in one of his favorite pastimes during the bye week.

What does an NFL player do on a bye week? Several of the Houston Texans answered that question on Tuesday following the final practice of a short week as they looked forward to five days off before they return to prepare for the New Orleans Saints.

Some are being honored at their college alma maters…

Wide receiver Andre Johnson Destination:Miami, Fla., to go home and to the Miami-Virginia game
Why:"They're having the last game in the Orange Bowl at the University of Miami, so they invited a few players back to come back for the game. There's a few (former teammates) that's going to be down there. I think they invited back like 20-something players, so you get to catch up with some guys you haven't seen in a while."
Any other plans?"Other than that, that's pretty much it. Resting and getting ready for New Orleans."

Running back Ron Dayne Destination:Madison, Wisc., for the Wisconsin-Michigan game
Why:"They're retiring my jersey."
What are most you excited about?"Really, just getting to see some old friends and seeing the coaches and things like that."

…other players will return to their alma maters strictly as spectators…

Tight end Owen Daniels Destination:Home in Naperville, Ill., then off to Madison, Wisc.
Why:"Wisconsin's playing Michigan, so originally I saw that on the schedule that the bye week's matched up with that game, I was super excited about it. And also they're retiring Ron Dayne's number up there this weekend, too, so that should be a pretty special thing."
Big plans with Ron Dayne?"You know, I've never hung out with him up there before because I just met him when we were down here, and so it'll be good to hang with him up there, go back to some old spots."

Cornerback Fred Bennett Destination:University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C.
Why:"(To) watch them boys play Florida, kick back a little bit, see my little girl, see everybody. I haven't seen everybody in like four months, so just enjoy my family, really."
Have you stayed in touch with old teammates? "Yeah, I've been keeping in touch. They're excited I'm coming back home ever since they found out I was a starter, so they're ready to kick it with me a little bit."

Guard Fred Weary Destination:University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn.
Why:"I think they're playing Arkansas this weekend, so I'm going to go back and be a part of it, that campus atmosphere on game day and all. Playing, at the time I really didn't get to feel the ultimate feeling of it, so going back and seeing it and seeing what I was a part of is real big for me. I haven't been back there since my senior year for a game. I've been back during the offseason and everything, but I've never been back for a game yet."
Who are you going with? "I'm going with my wife and giving her a chance to see what all the talk is about, because all she's been hearing from my friends and people that I know that's came and visited me from Tennessee, they told her that you need to take a visit there. So I'm taking her back and letting her be a part of that experience."

Wide receiver André Davis Destination:Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Va.
Why:"To go check out the game this weekend against Florida State and then also to check out the memorial from the shooting this past spring."
Looking forward to getting some rest? "That's the number one thing. Also, it just gives you a chance to kind of get your mind a little bit away from football. It's not really getting too far away since I'm going to watch another football game, but it just gives you a little bit of a break and you know you're going to be that much stronger coming back when we get back here on Monday and to be able to finish up the season strong."

…some Texans are going to college football games just for the fun of it…

Quarterback Sage Rosenfels Destination:Austin, Texas, for the UT-Texas Tech game
Why: "It should be fun; I love that college atmosphere and bringing my kids to the game. It's a great atmosphere over there at the University of Texas."
What else do you plan on doing? "Just relax. Nothing special. I'm a little beat up from the game. I wish I was playing golf, but (my) ribs are a little bit sore still from last week, so no golf."

…a few are simply going home to unwind…

Defensive tackle Amobi Okoye Destination: Huntsville, Ala.
Why:"I've been waiting for (the bye) for the past two weeks so it's finally here now and I'm just going to go home, relax and be back. Nothing really other than just really going home and relaxing, man. My little sister's kind of excited to see me come home, so I wonder what she's got in the plans for me."
How are you feeling physically at this point in the season?"They brag about me being 20 years old and being in the NFL, but right now I tell you what, I don't feel like I'm 20 at all. I feel like probably 35, because (it's) a long season and the NFL's different than college and all, so I'm really, really looking forward to this bye week. Being halfway through the season, I think it's in the best place."

Linebacker Danny Clark
Destination:Berkeley, Calif.
Why: "I'm just going home. We just played in Oakland last week and I live in Berkeley, so I wish I could've stayed for after the game but had to get back and handle business. But I'm going home to see my family."

…and some Texans are staying right where they are…

Defensive line coach Jethro Franklin Destination:Houston, Texas
Why:"Get reacquainted with my kids, that's what I'm going to do."
No vacation plans? "No, we're going to stay right here. We're going to stay right here and we've got a game on the weekend, my daughter's got a soccer game, son's got his last football game, so I get to go to the game for the first time. Haven't seen him play yet."

Tight end Mark Bruener Destination:Houston, Texas
Why: "I am not doing anything. I'm going to go see my son's soccer game and my daughters cheerlead on Saturday, something I haven't been able to do in a long time. And really, clean out the garage and doing things around the house. Not a lot going on."
What's up with this? Isn't anybody on the team going to Vegas?"Well, you didn't talk to (Mike) Flanagan. You missed him. He's already gone."

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