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Texans thin at tight end, Daniels not ready

With Owen Daniels and Garrett Graham dealing with injuries, the Texans were down to just two tight ends, Ryan Griffin and Jake Byrne, in practice on Thursday.

"(Owen)'s still not practicing any," interim head coach Wade Phillips said after Thursday's practice. "Certainly wouldn't look for him this week. I think maybe they're shooting for next week, but I don't know for sure."

Garrett Graham has also not practiced this week due to a hamstring injury, further depleting the depth at tight end.

"Well, he hasn't practiced the last two days," Phillips said. "We're obviously worried about that. We're down to two tight ends, but only one of them has played. And he's played as a backup. (Ryan) Griffin's really the only that's played."

In Week 11 against Oakland, the Texans were down to two tight ends when Griffin was out ruled out due to a concussion.

The Texans may have to change their game plan if Graham is unable to play in Sunday's game at Indianapolis.

"Yeah, we have that in our package to be able to put a tackle in at tight end, those kind of things," Phillips said. "We still have a full back. We still have a two-back offense and we'd have to make some adjustments as far as two tight ends."

Daniels, placed on injured reserve with designation to return on October 9, was expected to return this month. Daniels suffered a crack to his right fibula in the October 6 game at San Francisco.


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