#TexansMovieBracket final 8

What is the greatest football movie of all-time?

Welcome to the #TexansMovieBracket, as we let YOU decide the best football movies ever made.

Let the movie madness begin. We are down the final eight movies. Upsets were the name of the game in the professional and wildcard regions, as the number one seeds fell to the wayside. Play-in winner The Longest Yard and The Replacements dispatched of top seeds Any Given Sunday and Jerry Maguire. Other than that, the bracket played true to form. Several intriguing matchups are set. As always, click on the bracket matchup you'd like to vote in and have at it.

Professional Region
2. Invincible vs. 4. The Replacements

College Region
1. Rudy vs. 2. The Program

High School Region
1. Remember the Titans vs. 2. Varsity Blues

Wildcard Region
2. The Blind Slide vs. 4. The Longest Yard (2005)

Voting is open now and will remain so throughout the week.

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