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The DeepSlant Week In Review


Texans analyst and sideline reporter John Harris said he was on "an emotional high" after DeAndre Hopkins made the game-winning touchdown catch in Monday Night's win in Cincinnati.

A perfectly-timed shot shows what the moment leading up to an emotional high looks like:

Side note: It looks eerily similar to that of the Bengal mascot's expression, doesn't it?

Perhaps it could become a thing to photoshop pre-emotional high Johnny in other big moments?

@jharrisfootball with the sideline view last night — Rott (@Rottweiller2000) November 18, 2015

I certainly hope so.

The Texans may not be playing on primetime this Sunday, but they are still making headlines heading into Sunday's game against the Jets. Check out J.J. Watt on this week's covers of New York tabloids including the New York Post and Daily News.

The HBO series, "Hard Knocks" wrapped up filming months ago, but Brian Cushing got a lot of grief from America for one particular comment. You'll have to watch Texans Late Night this Saturday on ABC-13 after the late local news to find out what it was.

Mickey Mouse turned 87 this week!

Guess who just happened to be walking through the locker room wearing a hoodie with mouse ears? We made Chris Polk stop and wish Mickey a Happy Birthday!

Speaking of Mickey Mouse, I used to have this plush toy when I was a kid. Remind you of anyone?


Until next week!

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