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The DeepSlant Week In Review


How did you spend your New Year's Eve?

There's no better feeling than sleeping in on New Year's Day, unless you are one step away from the playoffs and have to work.

The college playoff schedule may not be conducive to watching for people with big plans for New Year's Eve. For the players, it's pretty perfect. They're not doing anything anyway and can catch up. After all, with the regular season still underway, New Year's Day falls on just another workday. 

DeAndre is this week's guest on "Texans Late Night." With Fan Appreciation Day on Sunday, we played a little game of "What would fans do to meet their favorite player?" Hopkins was equal parts humored and horrified, by the results. Watch Saturday night on KTRK ABC-13 after the late local news to see Hopkins.

The whole week has been this dance between talking about the Texans making their third postseason appearance in franchise history. Bill O'Brien won't talk about it because it hasn't happened yet. Houston nearly clinched earlier in the week, had the Bengals defeated the Broncos, as the Texans took to Twitter while watching Monday Night Football and reacting to the game that ended in overtime.

It didn't and now we wait until Sunday when Houston has a chance to clinch the AFC South for the first time under head coach Bill O'Brien. Playoffs equal more football for all of us. What better way to ring in the New Year than that?

Until next week!

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