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The DeepSlant Week In Review


2016 Offseason: Week 1.

I've decided that working for an NFL team in the postseason is much like taking a ride on Dungeon Drop at the old Six Flags AstroWorld. Remember that huge tower you could see from 610? You waited forever to ride up a garagantuan tower. It lifted you to the very top, so that you could enjoy a view of Houston for three milliseconds before it dropped you screaming to the ground. Then you collect yourself and move on to the next ride. Yeah, that's pretty much an NFL season.


You build up all this momentum throughout training camp and the season, but when it's over, it's OVER. Last week, we were full go, 100 miles per hour. There weren't enough hours in a day to write all that needed to be written, interview everyone that needed to be interviewed. Adrenaline was at an all-time high. And then this week…

  1. I washed my car for the first since maybe the bye week. Actually, I'm not even sure I washed it then.
  1. I've turned in an expense statement that was probably due a month ago.
  1. I updated my running playlist.
  1. I pinned a few recipes on Pinterest that I'll try out.

And the rest of the week is a lot of down time. A lot.

I'm not the only one adjusting to life A.P. (After postseason). Here's the most intriguing thing I saw on Twitter.

He didn't, obviously, but there were some terms to the purchase. 

Other Texans began their offseason in ways that didn't involve purchasing a Powerball ticket.

While the players get some much-needed rest, it's all about the mock drafts for the rest of us. So begins the offseason and a much more normal pace of life, at least until the NFL Combine next month.

Speaking of which, congratulations to the rookies who graduated their rookie status.

Rookie Year ☑️

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Until next week!

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