The DeepSlant Week In Review


"If I was an attorney, I'd be sitting on a throne of cash."

-Drew Dougherty

Drew said this as we were sitting down to do a Texans Radio show on Thursday. Not sure what he was referring to, but it had something to do with this mysterious tweet:

Which is a super fancy way to say he may or may not have been stuck in jury duty for most of the week.

While Drew was dreaming of gobs of cash, I got to attend a fashion show at Tootsie's boutique. I didn't get to buy anything, or walk the runway, but I did sneak some mini-taco appetizers from Del Frisco's and maybe a macaron. Ok, fine. Two macarons. Fine, two macarons, three really tiny tacos, a small loaf of bruschetta and a bottle of water. That's all!

Shane Lechler, Kareem Jackson, Garrett Graham, Jon Weeks, Brian Cushing, Max Bullough, John Simon, and former Texan Chris Myers were among the players to walk the runway. It was all in the name of a great charity called "Dec My Room" which decorates hospital rooms for kids who require long-term hospital stays.

We handed a velvet-jacketed Kareem the microphone and let him roam with his matching velvety shoes. He interviewed some teammates, asking them about their hobbies (hobbies?), diaper-changing tips (diapers?), and what they were wearing (one actual response, "a black suit"). Still, it was fun watching someone else do my job while I browsed around the sale rack for myself. Kidding! That was totally afterwards.

On Tuesday, we caught up with another fashion-forward Texan, wide receiver Cecil Shorts III. He was having lunch with a contest winner in the Texans cafeteria and stopped by for a quick interview with Texans Radio. We asked Cecil about playing in Mexico City on Monday Night Football in 2016. He said he had just heard the news. As in, on the way to the studio. So for all of you who think the Texans are checking Twitter every two minutes, they aren't.

While he didn't have the latest scoop on Mexico City, Cecil did share some info on playing outside the U.S. from his time as a Jacksonville Jaguar. Cecil thinks that if Mexico is anything like England, there will be lots of cheering for extra points, punts, and anything that involves kicking the ball. Also, he highly recommended the shopping in London and we both hoped that it was just as amazing in Mexico City.

Our regular season radio co-host All-Pro left tackle Duane Brown also stopped by after his rehab session. No crutches, just a brace, and a great attitude. He's also mucho excited about Mexico City, even though he admits he knows just "un pocito" Espanol.

The next day he tweeted that he was driving for the first time in almost two months.

Now that's something to celebrate. Pass me the mini-tacos.

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