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The DeepSlant Week In Review


UPDATE! You need to be on Snapchat.

It took me a while to get the hang of Snapchat, but unlike me, some people seem to natural-born snapchatters.

In less than a month, Watt locked himself out of his house. He took refuge in his workout "barn," which resembles a barn merely by its shape and not the contents of its interior which include but are not limited to: a leather sofa, two flat screen televisions, exercise equipment, and a fully stocked snack area. Watt's snap story had him regularly checking in by saying "UPDATE," until someone finally showed up with his key to his house.


This week, Watt helped a Texans fan get a date to the prom. Kyle hoped to impress his long-time friend Diana by asking her out to prom with No. 99's help.

A solid plan, Kyle.

What no one expected was the nerves that Watt had while he waited for the answer.

For prom suit ideas, look no further than Kareem Jackson's suit on the March cover of "Local Houston."

Speaking of running backs, the national story this week was the release of seven-year veteran Arian Foster. While it's part of the NFL career of these players, I can't help but reflect on some of my favorite non-football Arian moments.

Remember the toaster oven? He often "cooked" lunch for himself in the locker room.

And who can forget British Arian?

And Arian Foster's very important part in the Rookie Hazing public service announcement.

UPDATE. Air quotes and accents always make your points sound more interesting and important.

Until next week, Namaste.

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