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The DeepSlant Week In Review


The Final Four is coming and we've already had our first celebrity sighting.

Aside from Texans players, I do know that Bradley Cooper went to Villanova and Olivia Munn went to Oklahoma so I'd like to see a celebrity celebrity contest implemented, i.e. we vote on the biggest celebrity present. I'd create a bracket with four regions: Musicians, Actors/Actresses, Athletes, and Random Famous People (Models, Politicians, Reality Stars). Just a thought.

This time last year, it was another network that was all over NRG Stadium. HBO and "Hard Knocks" were announcing their plans to follow the Texans in training camp for the 2015 season. This week, the HBO documentary received five Emmy nominations for "Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Houston Texans." Most of the categories were pretty technical, but if we were to come up with our own categories...

Best Comedic Scene: Rookie talent show, Khari Lee as Bill O'Brien

Best Vince Wilfork moment: Three way tie between wearing overalls to walk-through, beating his children in basketball, or kicking a field goal.

Best one-liner: "I used to drink Starbucks. Then I realized I wasn't a chick." (Brian Cushing)

Best Bill O'Brien moment: Laughing so hard he was crying during the rookie talent show. Or any time he was angry.

Best fan moment: Woman screaming for J.J. Watt throughout practice. Or crowd cheering for Watt taking a penalty lap.

Grossest moment: Tie between Wilfork filing his feet and Cushing puking during practice.

Best supporting character: Tie between Charles James II and assistant strength coach Sean Hayes as Macho Man Randy Savage.

Best Storyline: Jadeveon Clowney returning from rehab

Best new locker room sport: Swennis

But as the Macho Man says, that's like yesterday's newspaper. Last season's "Hard Knocks," that is.

Or is it?

On Thursday, right fielder George Springer said his favorite Texan was Charles James II after seeing him on "Hard Knocks."

Happy Socks James responded with this:

Until next week!

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