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Houston Texans

The DeepSlant Week In Review


Last week was all about the preseason schedule release but this week, the NFL served the main course to its appetizer: the FULL 2016 regular season schedule.

And if we've learned anything, it's this:

When > Who Where

Just because we already know who everyone is playing and where, doesn't make the "when" any less important. It can be a game-changer.

In fact, the "when" of the NFL schedule is so big that it becomes a conversation in itself.  And it's not just the fans either. NFL clubs had a whole countdown thing happening on Twitter all afternoon.

Then, 32 teams posted their schedules at the exactly the same time and Twitter nearly broke with reaction and analysis of every mile to be flown and every median temperature in December. (We have one too. Click here to read.)

Less predictable was the Tuesday appearance of running back Jonathan Grimes on Texans Radio. We hauled an electronic keyboard to the Texans Grille for the All Access radio show and thought it would be "fun" to "surprise" Grimes on the air and ask him to play. Jonathan didn't disappoint.

Not only did he play with no warning, he even took requests from the crown: Adele, John Legend, Benny and the Jets (that was from Marc Vandermeer)…

Mother's Day is a little over three weeks away. Have you even thought about a present yet? Don't you think your mom would like to enter a waterslide race with Brian Cushing and DeAndre Hopkins? Of course they would. Carnival Cruise Line is giving fans a chance to enter their favorite moms for a chance to compete in a waterslide race led by either Cush or Hop. (I cannot even make this up). It's called "Moms Dash to the Splash." Eight lucky moms will be selected.

To nominate a mom, you can click here.

(P.S. You're welcome, moms)

Until next week!

The Texans will travel 15,308 miles in the 2016 regular season, and play in these venues.

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