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The latest on Nick Martin's recovery

After a strong second season with 14 starts at center, Nick Martin's season ended abruptly on Dec. 17 at Jacksonville. He would have to work his way back from a significant ankle injury similar to the one he incurred during a training camp practice his rookie year.

If anything, he knew what to expect this time around.

"Yeah, obviously I've been through this before," Martin said. "Definitely easier the second time just from a mental standpoint. Also, we have great guys, Deshaun (Watson), J.J. (Watt) in there, too, rehabbing, making it competitive and keeping people going."

Martin returned for the team's offseason workout program this week. The third-year center did not give a timetable for his return, but did say he is making good progress and even running again.

"Honestly, just take it one day at a time," Martin said. "Right now, I'm doing the workouts, doing the meetings, trying to get mental and trying to get back."

The Texans kicked off their nine-week offseason workout program on Monday. For more information about important offseason dates, click here.

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