The Leftovers: Biggest game, free agent possibilities, more

Drew Dougherty is the Host of Texans TV, and has worked for the team since 2009. He answers a few questions from fans each week in his 'Dear Drew' video. He answers quite a few more from fans on a weekly basis in 'The Leftovers' article below.

Dylan Makee: Dear Drew, What's the potential like for Ross Blacklock?
DD: It's great. He's an athletic and disruptive force in the middle of the defensive line, and he has a legitimate chance to help improve the Texans up front. Many draft analysts had him as one of the top 20 players in the entire Draft, so the Texans were fortunate to have the chance to get him where they did at 40th overall.

Michael Bieluwka: Dear Drew, What single position would you look at with whatever free agents are left? Or would you wait until more cuts are made before trying to fill a void?
DD: I don't think the Texans are finished making moves, and I could see them adding more help at pass rusher and in the secondary. As for the timing, I think it'll get a little deeper into the summer before we see something happen.

Jack Beezley: Dear Drew, What should we expect from David Johnson and Brandin Cooks?
DD: Johnson will start at running back and likely get a healthy share of passes thrown his way. He's averaged better than 10 yards per reception in his career, and that's a really high number for a running back. Cooks, meanwhile, is a complete receiver who can help stretch the field with his speed. Having him on the field with Will Fuller and the others will really put a lot of stress on opposing secondaries.

Jeanna Blankenship: Dear Drew, Any chance they resign Joe Webb?
DD: There's certainly a chance. He remains a free agent, and he's somebody that everyone in the organization--from the coaches and players on through the business side--loves. He's proven to be a valuable special-teamer, and he can also fill in at receiver and quarterback. Since he knows the system well, it wouldn't stun me to see him added back to the team later this summer.

James Garcia #DearDrew I am a huge fan of yours, Marc V., John H. and of course Deepi! Thanks for y'alls dedication and awesome reports/statistical reviews. Who will be the locker room reporter this year and what is the selection criteria?
DD: Thanks a lot, James. Not really sure what you mean about 'locker room reporter', but the four of us will continue in our roles into 2020. John Harris is the team's radio sideline reporter, and he frequently interviews players in the locker room after games.

Mike Ledesma Dear Drew, Are the Texans thinking about some free agents? Terrell Suggs or Damian "Snacks" Harrison would be an awesome addition to the Texans.
DD: Yes, Mike, the Texans are always in the market for players who could improve the team. Whether or not those players are Suggs and Harrison remains to be seen. I'd be more surprised by Suggs than Harrison, though.

Michelle Polk: Howdy Drew, Will Cullen Gillaspia in the 2020 season see more field time as a fullback? And tailgating in 2020 season: yes or no?
DD: Yes and yes. Gillaspia will likely see more snaps on offense this year. When he was on the field in 2019, good things happened. I think he'll get some more chances this season. And as far as tailgating, I imagine if the games are open to fans, then the parking lots will be too.

Jason McLeod: Dear Drew, With all the great teams we play this season, which game are you most excited for?
DD: Kansas City. It's the first game, it's a primetimer, and these Texans are extra-motivated for it after the way their season ended there.

Debbie Chapa Brannon: Dear Drew, Do you think there will be a lottery to attend games? Is it too far off to tell?
DD: I don't think so, Debbie. But yes, it's still too far off to tell.

Scott Roberts: Dear Drew, Are the Texans going to try and have any minicamps, or will they go straight to training camp in July?
DD: It's looking like they'll go straight into training camp at the end of July. Don't think we'll see any on-field work until then.

Ryan Riffel: Dear Drew, Could you see J.J. ever leaving?
DD: No.

Matthew Garza: Dear Drew, With only a small amount of primetime games, do think that is a advantage for us?
DD: Bill O'Brien said after the schedule got released, that he didn't mind the abundance of noon games, because it keeps the Texans in a routine. But I wouldn't necessarily call it a huge advantage.