The Leftovers: Playbook changes, more addition possibilities

Drew Dougherty has worked for the Texans since 2009. He's the host of Texans TV. He answered a few questions from fans in the "Dear Drew" video below, and many more in this article.

John Flores: Dear Drew, Do you think bringing in David Johnson will open up the playbook more?
DD: Yes. Johnson's capabilities as a receiver really give the Texans some intriguing options, and when you factor him in with the other weapons, offensive coordinator Tim Kelly can get really creative.

Kevin Stone: Dear Drew, Does Ross Blacklock have a similar skillset to D.J. Reader?
DD: They're somewhat similar. Blacklock's ceiling remains high, and his athleticism is excellent. He'll be able to move along the defensive front and should be able to help disrupt things in the middle for opposing offenses.

James Garcia: Dear Drew, Laremy Tunsil and Deshaun Watson have reportedly been working out together during the off-season. Has the O-line been working together on their techniques and timing to minimize penalty plague from last year?
DD: I spoke with Tunsil last week and he's very confident his penalty count will go down substantially in 2020. Eight days before the season opener at New Orleans, Tunsil was a Dolphin. Getting dropped into the offense like that was a challenge, and he thinks the offseason with the squad will go a long way toward improvement in that area.

@RubioBattleRed: Dear Drew, Do you think the Texans will make another BIG trade?
DD: Yes. Bill O'Brien has shown a willingness to make moves. Since last August, he's made deals that have brought in Duke Johnson, Tunsil and Kenny Stills, Jacob Martin, Keion Crossen, Brandin Cooks and David Johnson. Plus he traded three times in this year's Draft. I think there will be more trades in the future.

Roman McPeake #DearDrew Will we see quicker decisions being made by Deshaun Watson this season?
DD: Yes. I think a quarterback of Watson's caliber will naturally get rid of the ball quicker with each season in the NFL. He played 17 more games last year, if you count the two in the playoffs. As he builds up a reservoir of knowledge about opposing defense, his decision-making ability will accelerate as well.

@956Texan: Long time Drew, what's up?
DD: Nothing much. Just working and stuff. You?

Christopher Harris: Dear Drew, Why did we really trade DeAndre Hopkins?
DD: O'Brien's answer was that it was in the best interest of the team, and he pointed to managing the salary cap this season and in the seasons to come.

@purotejasbbq: Dear Drew, Are the Texans ever considering a new look?
DD: They are not. If the Texans change their uniforms or helmet, it won't likely be for another five to 10 years, at the very earliest. The only tweak might be when teams can wear an alternate helmet, and I could see Houston sporting a white one for those.

Michael Bieluwka: Dear Drew I am all in for our D-Line this year. I say let 99 go where he wants, and let the cavalry follow him in. What do you say?
DD: Defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver is also excited about the defensive line, and reiterated how instrumental J.J. Watt is in drawing attention from opposing offenses. He's going to get some help in the front seven this season from some new faces. I'm looking forward to the Texans getting back on the field, too.

Matt Brawley: Dear Drew, Will the running backs be infringing on Johnson & Johnson's logo trademark?
DD: Don't think so, but it'll be cool to see them getting carries and catching the ball this year. They're both playmakers.

Scott Roberts: Dear Drew, Do you think the Texans will sign anyone else with a big name?
DD: It depends on what you consider 'big', but I don't think they're finished shaping up this roster. They'll likely add a few more pieces before and during training camp.