The Leftovers: Possible post-Draft changes on the way

Garrett Grissom: Dear Drew, Realistically how do you see Johnson and Johnson working together in the Texans backfield?
DD: Great question, Garrett. David will be the starter. He and Duke are each unique backs in that they're excellent at catching the ball out of the backfield. The Texans saw it last year with Duke Johnson, who frequently picked up good chunks of yardage and helped move the chains when he was a receiver. He was good for 9.3 yards per catch, and finished the regular season with 44 receptions.

David Johnson topped out at 80 catches for 879 yards in 2016, and for his career, has averaged 10.7 yards per reception.

Both are capable runners, however, and I think in certain situations you'll both on the field at the same time.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Will Andre Johnson and Brian Cushing's coaching roles be the same?
DD: Cushing will remain an assistant strength and conditioning coach, but he'll also have more of a role in helping with the defense. He's going to be involved in coaching the linebackers. Johnson, who is a special advisor to the general manager and head coach, will continue on in the same capacity.

John Flores: Dear Drew, What are your thoughts about the Texans draft picks?
DD: Like every year, I'm excited to see what the new class of rookies brings to the team. Bolstering the front seven was a clear aim with the first two picks of Ross Blacklock and Jonathan Greenard. It'll be fun to see what those two contribute. Greenard led the SEC in sacks last fall.

Antonio Perez Junior: Dear Drew, What do you put on your eggs?
DD: Tony Chachere's. It's good on pizza, too.

Erin Hudson: Dear Drew, Will Tim Kelly being calling plays next year?
DD: He sure will. O'Brien made that announcement at the NFL Combine back in late February.

Dan Flores: Dear Drew, What other needs will the Texans be looking to address before the season starts?
DD: I could see them adding some more defensive help on the line and in the secondary via free agency before September. They still have some roster spots open before they'll reach the 90-man limit, so there's space to make those moves.

Michael Bieluwka: Dear Drew, Will the defensive line and linebackers be more aggressive this year to protect the secondary? Hope you are all good health wise as well Drew.
DD: Thanks a lot, Michael. Same to you. It's a good question, as Anthony Weaver is now the defensive coordinator. We'll likely see some wrinkles to the defense with him in charge. Couple that with some of the new faces, and yes, I could see a bit more of that in 2020.

Raymund Vinalon: Dear Drew, will Anthony Weaver switch to a 4-3?
DD: I doubt it. The base defense will remain a 3-4, but I'm sure you'll see situations where the Texans employ four defensive linemen with three linebackers. Much of the time, however, there will be five defensive backs on the field.

Roman McPeake: Dear Drew, Does the release of Tashaun Gipson indicate the Texans are content with what they have or will they be looking for a replacement in free agency?
DD: I'd never use the word "content" when describing the Texans and their outlook on the roster. They're always looking to improve. With that in mind, I tend to think there will be another veteran added to the mix at safety before the regular season begins.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, How do you see the draft changing moving forward after so much success with the virtual draft?
DD: I think we'll see more cameras in homes of players, and I would imagine that some teams will continue to do their choosing from home. I know the NFL loves moving the Draft around. Since 2016 when it was in Chicago, it's moved to Philadelphia, Arlington (TX) and Nashville in successive years. It was supposed to be in Las Vegas this year, and next year it's scheduled for Cleveland. Each of those cities saw massive fan participation, and the NFL certainly loves that aspect of it.

But the family side of things, and seeing NFL personnel in their own homes, has a certain appeal as well. I think you'll see the League try to mesh the event and the home aspect of things in the future Drafts.

Jason McLeod: Dear Drew, What do you see the starting front 7 line up being with the addition of Blacklock and Greenard to the roster?
DD: It's still pretty early, but I know you can count on J.J. Watt, Whitney Mercilus, Benardrick McKinney and Zach Cunningham as starters. After that, the Texans have added some depth and you'll see quite a bit of competition for some of the interior defensive line spots and pass rush help on the edge.