J.J. Watt enjoying the virtual offseason w/teammates

J.J. Watt's entering his 10th season as a Houston Texan, and he's a huge fan of his fellow defensive linemen.

Behind long snapper Jon Weeks, Watt is the most-tenured Texan, and the crew in his position group is a tight one.

"I love the d-line room," Watt said Wednesday. "Brandon Dunn, a guy you mentioned, he's one of my favorite teammates. He's a guy who always keeps it light, fun. He's got great energy, he works extremely hard on the field, he plays well. We've got Angelo Blackson who – same thing, he plays his butt off on the field, a great guy in the room. I love our room."

Watt and the Texans have met in a virtual setting since April 27, and these online gatherings have taken the place of organized team activities (OTAs) because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's given Watt and his teammates a different way to approach learning about the game, and each other.

"I love these Zoom meetings every day," Watt said. "We have the first 10 minutes of it before we get into the nitty gritty of the football, we just – it's like being on a FaceTime call with 10 of your best friends. We're just shooting the breeze and talking to each other and we just – we really enjoy being around each other and I think that makes the work that much better and that much more effective."

He said he's feeling "good" after missing the second half of the regular season with a pectoral injury. Watt returned to play in both playoff games in January.

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