The Leftovers: Corners, the run game and rookies

Drew Dougherty is the Host of Texans TV, and has been with the franchise since 2009. He answered a few fan questions in the video above. He answered quite a few more in the article below. All were submitted via Facebook.

Brandon McLaughlin: Dear Drew, Do you think Lonnie Johnson will get some playing time this Sunday against Jacksonville?

DD: That seems likely. Defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel said the rookie is big, and used to being physical with receivers at the line of scrimmage. He also said because Johnson is a rookie, "he's not as ready as I want him to be." Crennel also added that Johnson's made a lot of progress since he joined the team.

John Terrell: Dear Drew, What do you expect to see with Phillip Gaines?

DD: I think he'll likely provide depth early on in his time with the Texans. The guys already on the team will likely be ahead of him on the depth chart. So look for Johnson, Keion Crossen and Xavier Crawford to be in the mix for more playing time at corner.

Bryan Luckey: Dear Drew, Will Tytus Howard play on the right or left side of the o-line?

DD: We'll see. He wasn't active on Monday night against the Saints, but he's been a full participant both days of practice this week. He mainly played left guard during the preseason, and got some work at left tackle. He played plenty of right tackle in college, too. If he plays early, it'll likely be at left guard, based on where the Texans had him in the preseason.

Dustin Terral: Dear Drew, What does the defense need to do to help J.J. Watt get free to cause his havoc?

DD: I know he didn't register any stats on Monday, but he still had a big impact in the game. He routinely dealt with double teams, and some triple teams. The Saints have one of, if not the, best offensive lines in football, so they deserve some credit. Plus, Brees is lightning-quick at getting rid of the ball. Look for a big game this Sunday from Watt.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Do you have an update on Kahale Warring?

DD: He's on the injured reserve. There's a chance he comes back later this season and plays, but you won't see him until late October at the earliest.

Antonio Perez Junior: Dear Drew, Will there be anything done to stop all the hits Deshaun Watson took on Monday night?

DD: I think a variety of things will happen. You'll likely see the ball come out a little quicker this week. Also, another week's worth of gelling by the offensive linemen should help. Plus, the return of Howard should make things a little better too. Head coach Bill O'Brien and offensive coordinator Tim Kelly both talked about reminding Watson of being judicious with the ball, and knowing when to take chances and when to get rid of it.

Mike Ledesma: Dear Drew, Why were we able to run the ball so well against the Saints? Is that the reason Nick Martin got an extension?

DD: The Texans really had a good gameplan, and some well-designed run plays. Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson both took advantage and did some damage on the ground. The offensive line did a solid job creating some holes for the backs. I also think the threat of DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, V and Kenny Stills helps loosen things up for the running game, because all that speed and big-play potential makes teams play their safeties a little deeper than normal.

Marcos Espinoza: Dear Drew, Can we expect better protection for DW4 moving forward?

DD: I think so. Left tackle Laremy Tunsil had a pretty good night, and he'd only been with the team a week. As he continues to settle in, so will the rest of the guys up front. They need a little bit more time to gel together.

Shawn Marshall: Dear Drew, How can I get an awesome job working with you?! I've Been contracting in Afghanistan for almost 3 years now and dream of working for my favorite team one day.

DD: Sounds great, Shawn. We can always use excellent candidates. Click this link, and make sure your resume and info are in there. Good luck!

Christos Philippou: Dear Drew, Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but am I the only one thinking that if Ka'imi Fairbairn missed the second kick or we didn't get the retake and the game went to overtime, we would have had a better chance for the W?

DD: I don't think so. The game would've been tied, and the Saints still would've had the 37 seconds to try to get into field goal range.

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