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The Leftovers: Draft trades, a Watt record, Will Fuller status

Fans on Twitter and Facebook sent questions to Drew Dougherty. He answered a few in the video above. He answered many more in the article below.

Brandon McLaughlin: Dear Drew, Do you see the Texans making a trade to move up in the draft to get a key player?* DD*: I don't. If anything, I could see them moving back via trade to acquire more picks for this year and next.

Willis Odika: Dear Drew, Do you think the Texans will sign Jadeveon Clowney to a long-term deal?* DD*: Yes Willis, but I don't know when. When the Texans franchise-tagged Clowney a month or so ago, general manager Brian Gaine said "our goal is to continue to work with his representation on a long-term contract. This gives us both an opportunity to continue to do so." Clowney's a game-wrecker, and when paired with defensive end J.J. Watt, opposing offensive coordinators, quarterbacks and offensive linemen have their proverbial hands full.

Ramiro Rodriguez: Dear Drew, Will Houston ever host the NFL Draft?* DD*: I'd count on it, Ramiro, and I'd count on it happening within the next five years. Houston did such a bang-up job hosting the Super Bowl a few years ago, and they've actively sought to host the NFL Draft at some point in the years to come. It's in Nashville this year, after it was in Arlington last year, and in Philadelphia the year before that. Chicago had it in 2015 and 2016, and New York was the home for the decades prior.

Brandon Lee Zavala: Dear Drew is WR Will Fuller, V going to be full go come training camp?* DD*: I can't say for certain one way or the other, but I know his rehab from a knee injury is going well. Head coach Bill O'Brien has said so a few times publicly this offseason. Whether or not he's a full go for August remains to be seen, but I'd be stunned if he's not a full go for Week 1, which is what matters most.

@GlassjawDiaries: Dear Drew, If J.J. Watt plays for 20 years do you think he will beat Bruce Smith's sack record? Or sooner than 20 years?* DD*: Sooner than 20, but he'd have to play a little over nine more seasons from now. Smith has 200 career sacks. Watt has 92. In his eight-year career, he's averaged 11.5 sacks per season. Two of those years, 2016 and 2017, he was injured and played in just a combined eight games with 1.5 sacks. So when he's played a full season, Watt's averaged 15.3 sacks per. But let's be conservative, and go with the 11.5 number. If he holds true to that, it would take him 9.4 more years to eclipse 200. That would mean he'd hit the 200 in just over 17 full seasons.

@Hippokrampus: Dear Drew, Are you watching the Masters? What foursome from the Texans, past or present, would you like to see on that course? Skill at golf optional.* DD*: David, I've not been watching the Masters so far. Maybe Sunday if I get a little time. But the best Texans golfers I know about are former punter Shane Lechler and former tight end Garrett Graham, along with former quarterback Brandon Weeden. It'd be fun to see those three on the course together, and then throw funnyman Shaun Cody in the mix with them for some comic relief.

@The_Raheel: Dear Drew, If you could train with one Texan for a week during the off-season, who would it be?* DD*: You said "one Texan", so that includes anyone employed by the team. Therefore, I'll go with strength and conditioning head coach Mike Eubanks. It's his job to get guys stronger and help prevent injuries, so I think he'd be the one I choose. You're probably asking about players, though, so I'll go with special teams captain Brian Peters. He does work underwater, and I swim a few days a week, so that seems like a natural fit, right?

@TheMattMeier: Dear Drew, With the full schedules soon to be released, who do you want to see the Texans play in prime time?* DD*: The Texans won all three of their prime-time games last year, as well as a Saturday afternoon game when they were the only NFL contest on the tube. I have family in Baltimore, so I'd like the one against the Ravens to be a prime time.

@mindfinger Dear Drew, Why are the Texans moving so slowly on these AAF free agents? We could've used some depth at DB.* DD*: First of all, free agency isn't over. Don't be surprised if the Texans wind up signing a player or two from the AAF. There are certainly players from the AAF who will wind up winning roster spots this fall, but they were available to play in the AAF because they hadn't made it yet, or never could make it in the NFL.

@frychiknsolider: Dear Drew, Are we gonna target some dbs or offensive skill players come draft time?* DD*: Absolutely. There's a solid chance the Texans take a cornerback with their first pick at 23 overall. If not there, it's all but a lock one of the second round choices will be a cornerback. As far as skill players go, there's a good chance you'll see Houston add a running back and/or wide receiver in the Draft, but it won't be with a first round pick.

Michael Hagarty: Dear Drew, in the Starship Classic Song "We Built this City" the news reporter in the middle of the song, Is that Marc Vandermeer?
DD: Michael, while Vandermeer is always knee-deep in the hoopla, that's not his voice in the song. It's actually Les Garland's voice.

@TipoftheHorn: Dear Drew, What offensive tackle, out of them all, is the best fit for Houston?* DD*: I'm like former Texans left guard Wade Smith in that I like Washington State left tackle Andre Dillard. I don't think he'll be around at 23 overall, though. He's got a wealth of experience pass blocking, he performed well at the Combine and I think he'd be an excellent fit here.

@ricollins73: Dear Drew, What are the plans for London? Any meet-and-greets set up yet?* DD*: Great question. Our marketing folks are putting the finishing touches on all that, so while I can't tell you the wheres/whens/whats, I CAN tell you that yes, we will have something with the fans. Can't wait.

Juan Garza: Dear Drew, how much impact will Andre Johnsom have as an advisor, will he help the WR room some? I have an idea for a lucky meal! BBQ Pork baby back ribs, mashed potatoes, corn, and ranch style beans. Maybe even some smoked chicken and macaroni! A Texas BBQ meal for good luck!* DD*: Juan, count me in. I love ribs. The sides sound awesome, too. As far as Andre, he'll have a very positive impact. He's going to help Gaine and O'Brien out, and I'm certain that will include some work with the receivers. Aside from DeAndre Hopkins, it's a very young crew of pass-catchers. Dre can definitely lend some wisdom to those guys.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, What is it like at the NFL Draft? (I'll probably never have the chance to go...) Can you give us some insight?* DD*: It's fun. I'll be in Nashville in two weeks for the first round, and this will be the fifth Draft I've attended. About 10-15 minutes after he's chosen, we meet with the newest Texan, put a mic on him and follow him around the backstage area. He winds up doing a slew of interviews, signing some memorabilia, and meeting with an array of people. For the fans, it seems like a pretty fun time as well. The NFL does a great job of having interactive things for kids and grownups, and it's a carnival-like atmosphere. You see fans of all 32 teams there, so it's pretty cool.

Ian Cottle: Dear Drew, what's your fondest memory of the draft?* DD*: Ian, it was pretty cool in 2017 when the announcement was made in the media room that the Texans had traded up and were on the clock at 13 overall. That news came out about a minute before it did on television, so there was a jolt of electricity for me and my co-workers Jay McDevitt and Jesse Clark. The three of us were there in Philadelphia covering the Draft, and we quickly snapped into action because we knew the Texans were taking Deshaun Watson.

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