The story behind J.J. Watt's monster bruise

J.J. Watt finally opened up about that mystery bruise he posted on Instagram last week. Last season, he suffered a hit to his right thigh during the first half of the Texans Week 4 game against Buffalo. The result was a monster-sized purple splotch starting from his upper thigh to his knee.

"That was a beautiful block by Fred Jackson," Watt said Wednesday. "He did what anybody would have done which is exactly what I would have done. I had to make a decision between trying to block the pass or trying to protect myself. I decided to try to block the pass and Fred made me pay for it which is what he's known to do, so he got me pretty good."

After getting taped up in the locker room at halftime, Watt emerged in the second half with an interception returned for an 80-yard touchdown just 1:32 into the third quarter.

The bruise didn't appear to affect him in the weeks that followed, but did linger for while before it eventually dissipated.

"It took about a month and a half, two months for it to completely go away," Watt said. "It hasn't been any problem at all since. I was just looking through my phone the other day and saw the photo. Obviously, I didn't post it during the season because I didn't want people to know too much about it. Now there's no problems and I haven't had a problem with it since maybe a month and a half after it happened."

Throwback to when this happened in the 1st half of the Bills game...

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