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The Week Slant: The Honey Badger workout


On my way to a bleary-eyed 5 a.m. workout this week, I passed three different boot camps underway outside. Then, I saw one more in the evening after work. What gives? Is it the amazing Houston weather? Upcoming summer trips? Did all of Houston decide to go on a diet?

Actually, I have no idea. But whatever it is, I had a revelation. YOU GUYS, WE ARE ALL LIKE TYRANN MATHIEU. Mostly. Kind of.

So here's some extra fitspiration for y'all. Not long after the ink dried on his contract, the Honey Badger got to WERK. He's been posting his videos from Arizona, where he's been working out twice a day. Check out some of his recent posts:

And this one:

In between all that, he somehow decided being a Little League umpire would be a good idea.
Apparently, it wasn't.

Fans have even come out to watch Mathieu.

And he got a job offer?

Um no. We'll keep him in a Texans uniform for as long as possible.

Let’s get it!!!

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Mathieu also has time for random observations:

Although the Honey Badger workout is in the dry Arizona heat, he knows all about humidity down here too. He's from Lousiana, remember?

Houston humidity > Arizona desert heat?  Nah. They are both unbearable. Enjoy your workouts, everyone!

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