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Tom Savage has "decent start" in rookie minicamp

After Day 1 of rookie minicamp, head coach Bill O'Brien appeared pleased with quarterback Tom Savage's debut on the practice field.

"He (Savage) was alert and focused and I think he went out there today and had a decent start to what hopefully is a long career for him," O'Brien said in his press conference Friday.

Savage, the lone rookie quarterback in minicamp, spent an hour and a half during his first night with the coaches trying to digest the nuances of an NFL playbook. O'Brien said Savage was attentive and took notes and did well considering the steep learning curve of a rookie quarterback.

While he won't rush Savage, O'Brien does have some short-term goals for teaching the young quarterback what he needs to know.

"You do have an installation schedule," O'Brien said. "Obviously, by the end of June 19, I think is our last mini-camp practice, you'd like for him to have learned this amount of information. But if we go through this thing and as we go through and we see that maybe he's struggling with some things, then we'll back it down a little bit for him, for him. So far it looks like he's been paying attention. He's done what we've asked him to do and he had his share of mistakes today just like every guy did but I thought it was a decent start for him."

Rookie minicamp continues through this weekend and concludes on Sunday, May 18.

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