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Tom Savage on wearing a helmet-cam

Tom Savage wore a Go Pro camera attached to the top of his helmet during one of his practices at Pitt. For anyone who has wanted to know what a quarterback sees on the field and says in the huddle, it's an eye-opening experience.

"I think it was a good technique that you can use," Savage said. "It shows where your eyes are looking and it shows a lot of things that you really don't get to see from the above the head camera. It's a good technique and hopefully teams start using it a little bit more."

Savage was asked about his video project after Friday's rookie minicamp practice. Though he seems reserved at first glance, Savage admitted he enjoys talking when he's out on the football field.

"Sometimes you really can't turn your helmet to see someone or the defense will pick up on that, but it was good," Savage said. "I enjoyed it. It was fun to watch it and hear me talk out there."

Similarly, head coach Bill O'Brien likes to try a variety of teaching tactics on his quarterbacks. With Savage, he plans to work with him to see what method is most effective and best suits his learning style.

"You evaluate this guy for what he is, he's brand new to the system," O'Brien said Friday. "How is he able to process the things that we're teaching him? Maybe we have to tweak some things along the way as far as how we teach him. Maybe he learns better with a walkthrough. Maybe he learns better with video. We don't know that yet."

To watch Tom Savage's Go Pro video, click here.

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