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Top 3 GIFs from Bills vs. Texans

The Texans moved to 3-1 for just the third time in franchise history on Sunday, defeating the Buffalo Bills 23-17 at NRG Stadium.

As is the normal drill, when we win, we GIF (graphics interchange format). This isn't video you are seeing below, but rather a collection of photos put together as a time lapse of the particular play. Kind of like when kids back in the day would take a bunch of Polaroids (if you are under 20, I apologize because you don't know what that is) and make a picture book. Same deal here...just digitally.

Check out this week's top three.

3. Mohamed says hello

Mike Mohamed was one of many Texans defenders to put pressure on Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel yesterday. Here's a close up of Mohammed's hit.


2. Cushing spin cycle

Brian Cushing makes sure this Bills runner doesn't get away.

1. Hopkins to the House

Buffalo got nuk'd.


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