Top 9 non-football moments for #99

J.J. Watt's top videos from the past year aren't just limited to his unending football highlight reel. He's had some memorable moments that have nothing to do with the game.

Here are our Top Nine Non-Football Moments from #99:

  1. Sacking a fan onstage at the Zac Brown concert
  1. Presenting at the 2015 CMT Awards
  1. Feeling like Santa Claus?
  1. Challenging teammates to their best Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions
  1. Mic'd up for the annual J.J. Watt Charity Classic
  1. Playing catch with the "jolly" Vince Wilfork
  1. Singing on 'The New Girl'
  1. Performs a box jump while wearing a tie on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

And our favorite non-football moment from J.J. Watt the past year...

  1. Getting schooled by a little fan
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