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Training Camp Diaries Week 2: Whitney Mercilus

Seven-year veteran outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus gives us a look inside Week 2 of Texans training camp.

(Whitney decides to keep the helmet to kick off this week's diary entry).

Whitney reached a big milestone, practicing in full pads for the first time since his season-ending pectoral injury in Week 5 against Kansas City.

"It's been great actually, just being able to get back out here and go hit a couple of guys - even though they are own guys – but really get the blood flowing, getting used to getting hit, hitting guys, also just being able to move around as well too and really play some real football actually at the end of the day.

What was that first hit like? Whitney now removes his helmet as he tries to think back a few days to that first padded practice last Saturday.

"I actually don't remember it but it was probably a lineman, probably an offensive lineman. Got that first hit, it's like you always need that first hit to get into the rhythm of things and that's what I need so once it happens, I'm like alright good to go hit somebody else."

Monday was the players' first off day since camp began last week. Whitney said he mostly relaxed and did "stupid stuff." Stupid stuff is apparently watching documentaries.

"Watched Netflix. I just watched stupid stuff on there actually. Just documentaries, stuff like that. I forget the names of the documentaries."

With the second week of training camp underway in West Virginia, Whitney says players keep themselves entertained to keep camp fun.

"We had the rookies get up, tell a joke, or something like that just to break up the monotony of camp and then also a couple of days ago, I think we had a rap battle or something like that. (Davin) Bellamy, Treston (Decoud), Duke (Ejiofor) and Tyrann Mathieu. It was pretty good. A couple of guys just hopped up there. We wanted the rookies to go but some of the rookies just failed miserably and so we had to have a couple of seasoned veterans get up there and really teach them how it's done."

Whitney said he didn't have any flow so he was not one of the seasoned veterans in the rap battle. However, he does seem to show off his dancing skills on the field before, during and even after practice.

"You hit the same guys every day. Everybody knows your moves. Everybody knows exactly what you're going to do but you've got to find a way to keep it fun in the meeting rooms. Like I said, getting the rookies to tell jokes, do stupid things and just coming out on the field every day and just understanding you got to do it anyways, so might as well have fun while you're doing it. That's why you see me out here always dancing all the time."

Check out some of the best shots from Thursday's practice at The Greenbrier in West Virginia.

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