'Twas the night before gameday

By: Torrie Hardcastle
Special for HoustonTexans.com

'Twas the night before Gameday, when along Music Row, anticipation was high for the big Sunday show.
Traveling Texans hit the town, excitement in the air, Knowing a playoff berth soon could be theirs.

Nashville streets were flooded with bright Battle Red, While visions of postseason danced in their heads.
They had traveled many miles, so far on the map, To see the Titans go down for a long winter's nap.

A mid-day rally took Broadway by storm,
A Battle Red sea, true Traveling Texans form.
For an epic group photo, they all gathered 'round, And the Houston Texans chant echoed through downtown.

Back and forth they shouted their rallying cheer, in preparation for Gameday, as it drew near.
Where what to their wondering eyes would appear, but a calm Coach O'Brien, and his team in their gear.

With each forward drive, so lively and quick, Traveling Texans will cheer, every play, every hit.
They'll pump up the players, throughout the whole game, And they'll whistle and shout and call them by name.

Go Hopkins! Go Cushing! Go Strong and Blue!
Get 'em Jackson! Go Clowney! Give them JJ Watt too!
To the back of the end zone, they'll deliver the ball, now dash away, dash away, dash away all!

And then in a twinkling, the Texans will blitz, Nissan Stadium will roar, Houston fans in its midst.
Although it is far from their home stomping grounds, even as visitors, Texans fans will abound.

They'll be dressed all in Battle Red, from head to toe, With their jerseys all branded with Texans & Co.
With first down chants and homemade Watt signs, they'll bring the homefield advantage to the Texans sideline.

The Texans will hear them, warming up on the turf, Chanting and cheering, wanting a postseason berth.
You'll hear them exclaim, with kickoff in sight:

"Happy Gameday to all, let's put up a fight!"

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