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Unexpected leaders on Texans defense

The Texans defense may have some unexpected leaders this offseason. Nose tackle Jerrell Powe and free safety Kendrick Lewis both arrived in Houston as free agents from Kansas City. However, their knowledge of Romeo Crennel's defense has helped ease their transition and made them invaluable among teammates learning a new system.

"I'm familiar with the system, had a chance to play in the system for two years so I mean, it's getting adjusted back to the way he (Crennel) likes things done has been kind of easy," Powe said in an interview with Texans Radio. "I'm familiar with the system so it's been great."

With a brand new playbook and different terminology, many players compare picking up a new system to learning a new language. Powe says it helps having played for Crennel in the past, as his calls, adjustments, and alerts are consistent with what he learned in Kansas City. Now entering his fourth NFL season, the veteran nose tackle has been using his experience to help younger players grasp the nuances of the new coaching staff.

"I kind of help the guys on small details on what Romeo expects and how to play the defense," Powe said. "A couple of guys asked me about certain techniques and I help them out, let them know what Romeo expects, how he likes things done and the do's and the don'ts just to keep him happy. When he walks into the meeting and he's happy with us, he's pretty pleased with practice."

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