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Uni schedule change and former Texans OTW? | Fans Wanna Know...


Virgil: Dear Drew, What's the REAL reason the Texans aren't going to practice in New Orleans?
DD: Head Coach DeMeco Ryans explained it yesterday in his press conference at NRG Stadium: the Texans "are a little banged up."
After the hottest training camp in team history, coupled with a couple physical practices last week versus Miami, and the game on Saturday afternoon, Ryans and the Saints Head Coach Dennis Allen mutually agreed to call things off for this week.
"I just felt that it wouldn't have been as productive as we would have liked it to be if we went to New Orleans," Ryans said. "But the flip side of it is that we get the opportunity to treat this week as a normal, in-season game week for us."
I don't think there's any secret or hidden reason for the cancellation.

Shane Blenderman: What is going on with all the Tight Ends! I am a big fan of Eric Tomlinson. Can we get him moved up on the chart??!!!
DD: On the latest unofficial depth chart, Dalton Schultz was listed as the starter, with Teagan Quitoriano in the second spot. Brevin Jordan and Tomlinson are next up. We'll see how many tight ends make the 53-man roster next week when it's trimmed from 90 players. Tight ends coach Jake Moreland coached the same position last year in Denver, where Tomlinson was a member of the Broncos' roster. Tomlinson's been in the NFL since 2015 and has been a player in a slew of different offenses.

I.Edward Domencq: When will the Texans' Uniform Schedule be released?
DD: The exact jersey/pants combo will be announced on a weekly basis this season. We know the Texans plan on wearing the Battle Red helmets three times in 2023, and we know Battle Red Day is November 26 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.
But the team will release the uniform schedule the week of the game this season.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Do you think there will be other former Texans joining the coaching staff?DD: Good question, Derwin. Former cornerback Johnathan Joseph was a Bill Walsh Diversity Program fellow for training camp. He's remained around the team and Ryans said Monday how beneficial his help has been for second-year cornerback Derek Stingley, Jr. Perhaps he sticks around in some sort of capacity.

Aside from Joseph, I don't think you'll see any former Texans get involved until after the regular season concludes.

Craig Killough: Dear Drew, I d*o not see running back Xazavian Valladay on the roster anymore. Did he get cut? Also why do Adam Humphries and Cameron Johnston both have jersey number 11?*
DD: Valladay was waived a little over a week ago, and he's now with the Steelers. Humphries is wearing number 27, and Johnston is number 11.

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