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Houston Texans

Vance Joseph ready to call plays Sunday

Defensive backs coach Vance Joseph will be calling plays with interim head coach Wade Phillips in charge. After Thursday's practice, Joseph discussed the new play-calling hierarchy on defense.

"He can override me when he wants," Joseph said of Phillips' role. "I'll make the call. It happens so fast (that) he probably can't a lot, but, in between the series, he can help me out."

For Joseph, most of the work is done over the course of the week. The game plan is the hard part while calling plays on Sunday is easy. It's a defense that still very much has Wade Phillips' stamp on it, according to Joseph. The DB coach was asked if his play calling would be more aggressive than Phillips.

"More aggressive than Coach Wade? That's hard to be," Joseph said. "I don't know. Calling a game is really a group of us. We find the best calls for the best personnel and down and distance, and call them. Calling a game won't be as hard as you think. All of the works been done during the week."

As an ex-NFL cornerback and four-year college quarterback, Joseph is well-liked by his players. Kareem Jackson attributes his growth from his rookie season to Joseph's simplistic, but effective, approach to teaching.

"As an ex-player, you want things simple," Joseph said. "Players don't want complications, especially at DB. It happens so fast, it's got to be a simple fix. It can't be a long fix. For a DB coach, it's better to be simple and fast."

Joseph, now in his ninth NFL season and third with the Texans, is looking to make his mark on Sunday's game. He is enthusiastic about his first opportunity to call plays on defense.

"Sure, it's especial and I'm honored by it," Joseph said. "It's going to be good. I'm excited about it, Wade is excited about it, the players are excited about it. It's time to win a football game. That's what it's about, winning."


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