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Vandermeer's View: Changes in progress

Thursday's trade of Brock Osweiler made it official. The Texans will have their fifth different starting quarterback in as many years on opening day, 2017.

A year ago the team made the bold move to get a starting QB, but creatively moved on after it was clear they needed more production from the position. The Texans now have a great deal of freedom to pursue other options.

Despite needing to utilize eight different starting quarterbacks in the last three years, the club has had a franchise-record three-consecutive winning seasons and back-to-back playoff appearances for only the second time. Bill O'Brien and Rick Smith know that once they stabilize and solidify the position the franchise will have its best shot to pursue a championship.

Tom Savage is gearing up for his fourth season and looked promising in limited action in 2016. A healthy Savage could be a huge boost to the position. And DeAndre Hopkins, who came off the bench in the first-ever win at Indy in '15, and won his only start at Tennessee, is still here. But you know there will be more added to the mix.

If no other QBs are acquired before draft weekend, we'll be on pins and needles as the picks unfold. Even with another QB on the roster it's hardly out of the question that the Texans look for a signal caller in the draft to help take them into the future. And considering some of the luck they've had it's entirely possible that a rookie could see the field.

I hate bringing up luck, but it's hard to avoid the concept for the Texans when it comes to the most important position on the field. Whether it's Matt Schaub's injury in '11, Savage and Ryan Fitzpatrick suffering season-ending injuries in the same game in '14, Brian Hoyer suffering two concussions in '15 and Savage getting a concussion in the '16 finale in the eve-game of the playoffs, it's hardly been a leprechaun party.

That's why, until Houston goes on a healthy multi-year run at the position, you'll understand if they get as ocean-deep as possible with options at QB.z

The next few weeks, maybe the next few minutes, are crucial in determining the immediate and long term future of the team. The unscripted entertainment aspect of pro football is alive and well in the offseason and we'll be here to follow every bit of it.

Stay tuned.

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