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Vandermeer's View: Flattened in Florida

Hoping to come to Jacksonville and put the brakes on a Jaguar postseason clinching party, the Texans instead were tossed aside and dominated. This was a beating reminiscent of the Atlanta and Miami games in 2015. Those were worse because the team was healthier then but it was the kind of afternoon that we'd love to forget quickly.

Leonard Fournette sat this one out with a quad injury. It didn't matter. Not because the Jags ran it so well but because Blake Bortles threw the ball as well as he ever has. The Jags top three receivers were out, plus Fournette, who is a key target out of the backfield. It didn't matter.

You knew it would be a challenge on offense. Houston had to go up against the number one defense in points allowed and played uphill all afternoon. It wasn't even a bad day in the turnover department. T.J. Yates was only picked off once. To put that in perspective, Russell Wilson was intercepted three times by the same defense last week. But the ground game wasn't effective and the Jags pass rush was too much to overcome.

There were really no bright spots. Penalties went into double figures and special teams hardly shined. This version of the Texans, a far cry from what they were before all the injuries hit, couldn't deal with what the Jags were dishing out. This season sweep at the hands of Jacksonville was like the boys from North Florida were making up for years of frustration against Houston.

The Texans are now 4-10 and things won't get any easier as Pittsburgh invades next. There is an extra day to get ready for the Christmas showdown. Then a short week awaits before the season closes out at Indy. You get the feeling that the team is on fumes. It's been a trying season to say the least.

The contrast in health is palpable. The two teams vying for the division have their starting quarterbacks, while the Colts and Texans have been dealing with injuries at the most important position on the team.

But the Texans players and coaches will tell you that doesn't matter. That they need to stay competitive like they were in most of their losses heading into this blowout. In the games against the Colts, Titans, Ravens and 49ers, the Texans were right there in the 4th quarter, with a chance to make plays and eek out wins. But today's affair ended quickly

Two games remain for the Texans to show something positive before recharging for 2018. It would be nice to go out on a high note.

Texans fans showed up to support their team in Jacksonville.

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