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Vandermeer's View: Texans offensive options expand

Bill Parcells once referred to players as "groceries."

Well, Bill O'Brien and offensive coordinator George Godsey will have plenty of good ingredients to put together their 'game plan offense,' this season.

During our three-day-16-hour-Texans Radio marathon on draft weekend we hypothesized about an attack that could go five-wide with Lamar Miller motioning out of the backfield.

Defenses could be looking at Will Fuller, Braxton Miller, Jaelen Strong, Lamar Miller and, oh yeah, DeAndre Hopkins in a five receiver set. Someone is going to be open and it's going to be fun. And don't forget about Cecil Shorts, who is eager to stay healthy and be a factor all season long.

Braxton Miller was a quarterback once upon a time at Ohio State. This team has run 'wildcat' before, so you can imagine the possibilities. And never mind his running ability, but Miller also had 47 catches for the Dolphins last year. That number would have made him the Texans second leading receiver.

This is going to be interesting.

Let's not forget about the tight ends. The group caught nine more passes last year than in 2014, which is hardly a headline. But with health, Ryan Griffin should be a factor after catching 20 passes in a half-season in 2015, including two huge grabs on the game winning drive at Cincinnati.

OTAs and mini-camp were a great time to break in the new players and get everyone on the same page. The coaches could install plays and try out different things. Kind of like your wife trying on shoes at the department store. You get to experiment without making the commitment (by the way, what's with women buying lots of stuff then returning most of it?). 

Last year, with the key injuries, it sometimes felt like trying to make dinner with whatever you could find in the pantry. They shopped well enough before the season but having to go through four starting quarterbacks and losing a Pro Bowl running back was like spilling the milk, breaking some eggs and having the meat go bad.

Despite all of that, in O'Brien's first two seasons the Texans manufactured winning campaigns with offenses that had the lowest yardage totals for the franchise since 2006.

This season they'll have a full buffet of weapons to produce a gourmet feast that can surprise opponents and take some stress of their own defense. This should be the tastiest, I mean, most productive Texans offense in years.

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