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Vandermeer's View: Texans vs. Cowboys


This was a fun one. Sure it's only preseason. But to watch the Texans reserves take apart the Cowboys reserves so effectively was a happy and enjoyable way to end the preseason on the way to the serious business of next week.

Case Keenum and T.J. Yates both played superbly. And Ryan Griffin set a new record for preseason catches as the Texans broke or tied several August records.

Rewriting preseason history books might be somewhat of a dubious honor but it's better than, say, looking like Dallas did Thursday night.

Things we liked....

Gary Kubiak said after the game he would likely keep three quarterbacks. There's too much invested in time and resources to expose Keenum, who made a quantum leap in improvement in the offseason.

Trevardo WIlliams had a sack and a half and just might be starting to 'get it.' 

Chris Jones played and flashed, as whoever the Texans had upfront constantly seemed to find their way into the Dallas backfield.

Brennan Williams played a ton in the second half and looked like a guy who diverted from a track to IR right onto the 53 man roster.

A.J. Bouye might just find himself on the roster after a pick and some other good moments.

Needs work....

Roc Carmichael showed improvement but is it enough to fight off the others trying to crack the final 53?

Lestar Jean is on the team and is a playmaker but the drop bug bit again in the first half.

Dennis Johnson has a lot of talent and is quick but the ball security issue needs to be corrected.

Bottom Line....

The preseason is over and we still have questions about how solid the team is at OLB (will they keep six?) and safety (paging Ed Reed). The Brennan Williams showing gives you confidence in the future at right tackle, if nothing else.

But the Texans issues are challenges that most other teams in the NFL dream about. This team is ready to contend. The needs are the same: win the division, do your best to get homefield advantage and somehow get hot in January.

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