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VanderMock 1.0

When GM Brian Gaine showed up I thought that I finally had my chance to give input into the draft process. He even stopped me in the hall recently. But that was to ask me to get him coffee. So, as usual, this one's for you. For entertainment purposes, the VanderMock...

Round 1: No pick
I suggest we all look at the Deshaun Watson highlight video again. That's who the Texans got with this pick.

Round 2: No pick
I suggest we all look at video of the incoming free agent class. Because dealing this selection last year super-sized the Texans cap space!

Round 3: Chukwuma Okorafor, T, Western Michigan
He's from Botswana and is one of those late bloomers who didn't learn football until last August or something. But he grew up playing soccer and actually started his American football life as a kicker. He's big, has good footwork and will blossom in the right situation.

Round 3: Kevin Tolliver II, CB, LSU
From how highly touted he was coming out of high school you'd think he'd go higher. He's eager to prove that he should have. At 6-2, he's big enough to deal with some of the tall wideouts on the schedule. Plus, he's from the SEC, the NFL's unofficial AAA league.

Round 3: Ian Thomas, TE, Indiana
He can block (6-4, 259 lbs) and is going to surprise a lot of people with his pass-catching ability once he gets into this system. The pundits complained about a lack of YAC, but he's a tight end! Not everyone is Gronk! Besides, he averaged 15 yards per reception. Sign me up for that!

Round 4: Jessie Bates III, S, Wake Forest
Last I checked, they throw the ball a lot in the ACC. Bates has a knack for wanting to get physical AND possess good coverage instincts. The measurables aren't first round material but I looked at the board and 'Hey! We're not in the first round!' Grab this kid and let him flourish with Romeo Crennel at the controls.

Round 6: Kurt Benkert, QB, Virginia
You can never have too many QBs (do I really need to remind you of that? Are you new here?). Watch this kid cozy up to Deshaun Watson's aura and absorb some knowledge. He has a strong arm and can scramble and make plays off schedule. He's got a lot to learn, but don't we all? You need a QB to develop and this is the right player.

Round 6: Leon Jacobs, OLB, Wisconsin
We're getting deep into the 6th round. Anyone taken now at any position has to have a major asset in at least one area. For Jacobs, it's speed. He runs a 4.48. At his position, getting that time under 4.5 pops off the page like charging $499 for a $500 item. He was a great teammate on an excellent defense. Go look up Wisconsin's numbers on that side of the ball during his career. He was part of something special.

Round 6: Justin Jackson, RB, Northwestern
He's not the burner some of you might have wanted. But he'll know this offense as fast as any rookie ever and he'll make plays by being in the right place, being smart and executing. That doesn't mean he doesn't have the goods. He's one of the most productive backs in the history of the Big Ten. But the draft nerds don't like the pajama numbers. They'll learn.

Round 7: Jester Weah, WR, Pittsburgh
He's got jets (4.43) and was a team captain. He also big enough to make you think about kick returns. As a play-by-play guy I can do a lot with a name like Jester, from Top Gun references to his ability to entertain. I feel "the need for speed!"

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