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Vince Wilfork's Top 3

Through 12 NFL seasons, four AFC championships, and two Super Bowl victories, Vince Wilfork has played with his share of great teammates.

"I've played with some amazing people," Wilfork said on “The Rich Eisen Show” on June 17. "I've played with the greatest quarterback in the game and I've played with one of the best football players, not just offensively or defensively, but just a football person with Mike Vrabel – tons of respect for him."

Wilfork played alongside quarterback Tom Brady for 11 seasons (2004-14) and five with Vrabel (2004-08) when he was the Patriots All-Pro linebacker.

Vrabel, now entering his third season as the Texans linebackers coach, isn't the only Texan who made the list.

When asked about the top three players he's ever played with, Wilfork didn't hesitate to place J.J. Watt on the list after just one season next to him on the defensive line.

"J.J. - he definitely ranks at the top because he's the Tom Brady of defense so there's nothing that he can't do same as I look at Tom," Wilfork said.  There's not a throw that Tom can't make. There's not a decision that a coach doesn't trust him in and J.J. is the same way. There's nothing we can't do defensively that we don't have 100 percent faith that he can't get it done.

"That's a true leader, man. He's so young and to come into the game the way that he has and to show the world what he is and for me, to get a front-row seat and to play alongside of him and see him work every day, I mean, he's probably one of the hardest working guys I've ever been around, hands down."

Check out shots from the Texans' second day of veteran minicamp.

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