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Week Slant: Texans Fortnite Fever


"PS4 or Xbox?" -Every Fortnite player ever.*

Fortnite. Ever heard of it?

J.J. Watt clearly had when he recently posted this Twitter poll:

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the latest gaming obsession taking over the nation. I don't play, but my 14-year-old does and here's what I've learned about it:

-What it is: Hunger Games meets Halo
-What it's not: A bunch of people wandering into busy intersections and parks looking for Pokemon gyms.
-100 players to compete until one player or team is left standing.  
-Players receive random supplies (and can earn more and/or upgrade throughout the game) and a safe zone for hiding, the "eye" of the storm, which gets smaller and smaller as the game progresses forcing remaining players to battle.
-Fortnite can be played solo, with a partner or in a squad of four. I've been informed that NOTHING in life is more "amazing" than when your three best friends who all own the same gaming system are ready to play online at the same time. NOTHING.

Now that we're all experts, let's take a look at some Texans-players-turned-Fortnite fans.

And I'm guessing these tweets are referring to Fortnite too. If they aren't, this just got weird.

Fortnite Fever reached new heights when it recently became the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter. Apparently, the next best thing to playing Fortnite is watching celebrities play on Twitch. Like Drake and a pro-gamer named Ninja.

The offseason is a perfect time for Fortnite. Check out these other NFL players who are also big Fortnite fans.

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