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What Case Keenum is working on

Case Keenum has one theme heading into Sunday's game against the New England Patriots.


"I've focused this week on trust," Keenum said on Wednesday. "That's been my one word that encompasses a lot of things in that arena. Trusting my preparation, trusting my reads, trusting what I'm seeing, trusting my pocket and trusting a lot things. I know things are going to come up and I'm going to make mistakes. They're going to make plays and it's about continuing to trust through those mistakes and through those things and not become hesitant after that."

After five losses, Keenum wants regains his confidence and focus on things he has always done well. Keenum said he began to feel hesitant during his performance against Jacksonville and was not sure why.

"He's just got to let it go," offensive coordinator Rick Dennison said. "He's got to pull the trigger when he knows what he sees. For whatever reason, he was a little hesitant. We're working through that."

Head coach Gary Kubiak wants Keenum to keep his gunslinger mentality. For the past five weeks, Kubiak has been trying to find the right balance of lining up Keenum under center, in shotgun, or in the pistol formation.

"What we've tried to do is obviously when we got started, he went to the pistol," Kubiak said. "We did some things there in the pistol. We took him back under for a while. We're continuing to find out what he does best and take a hard look at everything we changed offensively a little bit to try to fit some of his strengths that we think. So it has come back to doing a little bit of both and we're trying to sort through that and see what we think he does best. But that is something we've been juggling here for about five weeks."



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