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What is a typical day at rookie minicamp?

The Texans kicked off their three-day rookie minicamp on Friday with a combination of drafted, undrafted and tryout players all trying to make a great first impression on the Texans coaching staff.

Players arrived at NRG Stadium on Thursday for physicals before heading to evening meetings that covered a gamut of topics.

"We brought them in here last night," O'Brien said Friday. "We met with them from about seven to ten, you know, several meetings. Like I said, we throw a lot of information at these guys. They get a ton of information about the organization, about how we do things, our culture, our philosophy, x's and o's."

Rookie minicamp officially began on Friday with a busy 14-hour day. Rookies attended meetings and met with local media, all before their first practice at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

"This morning, the day started for them around 6 a.m. and it will go all the way until 10 again with breaks in between," O'Brien said. "Then Saturday will be the same type of schedule and we'll see how it goes today and tomorrow relative to what we do on Sunday, understanding that Sunday is Mother's Day and that's a very important day. So today, tomorrow, it's a rigorous schedule, no doubt about it."

As of Friday, the Texans officially signed seven draft picks and 13 college free agents.

Rookie minicamp continues Saturday and concludes on Sunday at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

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