Whitney Mercilus in Scotland

Whitney Mercilus paid a visit to another football team this offseason, Scottish soccer team Hibernian FC.

The 24-year-old outside linebacker was invited to be a special guest on the premiere of a magazine show called "Outside the Box" on Hibs TV. Mercilus toured the team's training facility and watched a match with Rangers FC in Edinburgh. He even beat Hibernian's goalkeeper Mark Oxley in arm wrestling challenge.

A fan of the Houston Dynamo, Mercilus has always enjoyed the sport of soccer.

"My parents are Haitian so ultimately we love soccer down in Haiti," Mercilus said to Hibs TV. "It stemmed from my father. I played soccer for a while when I was little, about seven or eight, and then I transitioned into American football because of my cousin."

Wearing a Hibernian shirt with the number 59 and his name on the back, Mercilus said he definitely plans on being back next year and seeing more European soccer matches.

"I love Edinburgh," Mercilus said. "It's a beautiful city, beautiful countryside, beautiful people - reminds me of Houston. Getting a taste of the Hibs soccer team, it's pretty grand. I love it. Love the atmosphere."

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